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5 Places to Take your Campervan in Australia

Australia is a country which has varied topography which makes it ideal for holidaymakers of all sorts. Travelling around Australia in a campervan is one experience which I believe should be on the bucket list for everyone. Exploring this beautiful country all on your own might seem like a tough task but trust me it is much simpler than it seems. All major places have camp sites that are perfect to park your campervan and also check on the wear and tear on it. So here are the best 5 places to take your campervan in Australia:

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  1. Queensland: The north eastern state of Queensland is the ideal place to take your campervan and explore the variety of wildlife it has to offer. Ranging from wildlife to beaches filled with coral reef are just some of the highlights. Park your campervan in one of the many campsites and just take off on foot to explore the neighboring areas. This is a place which is apt for a family holiday. Some of the major places to see here are Daintree National Park, Noah Beach, Airlie Beach.
  2. Western Australia: The Australian outback is known for its laid back life and is perfect for taking a break just to relax. Cape Le Grand National Park is approximately 45 minutes from Esperance which is widely known for its serenity and tranquility. The white sandy beach here has been voted as the best in Australia and is also known to have healing prowess. One of the most sought after activity here is sleeping under the starry skies at night as the weather is always clear and peaceful.
  3. Tasmania: The island state of Tasmania offers some of the best scenery for a campervan holiday. Along with the wonderful scenery it also offers diverse flora and fauna which can be seen literally from the van. The campsite just off Hobart city limits is the best place for a rest and attend the barbeque parties. The world famous Tasmanian Red Devil can be seen only in part of the world. Driving around the place with family or friends is a pleasant experience and brings everyone closer to nature.

Tasmanian Devil4. New South Wales: There are a lot of places to see in New South Wales with the starting point from Sydney. The campsites on the outskirts of Sydney provide ample places to park your campervan so that people can explore the city on foot or join guided tours. The change in landscape is amazing as it starts with a city and then infuses into beautiful country side.

5. Victoria: The basic natural resources of Australia can be found in Victoria which is approximately 3 hours from Melbourne. The magnificent waterfalls, lakes and forests which makes up this landscape is a nature lover’s delight. The Grampians National Park is probably the most sought after campsite in Southern Australia.

All in all it is safe to say that there are a lot of places in Australia where one can take their campervan and enjoy the trip. It is really simple to get a nice campervan hire in Australia as well.  Holidaymakers from different parts of the world have started coming into Australia and explore the country in a campervan. The freedom to enjoy a vacation or a road trip on your own terms can only be attained in a campervan while staying in touch with the wild.

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