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5 Tips on Backpacking in Philippines

The Philippines is a vast country and with thousands of islands to explore. This is a land of mysterious jungles, ancient tribes, and isolated islands. One simply cannot go wrong with backpacking in the Philippines, which is sure to capture your heart. Besides being one of the easiest countries to explore, it will keep your adrenaline pumping with plenty of adventurous activities. People are friendly, food is delicious, and the beaches are beautiful. Read on to get some useful tips on backpacking in the Philippines.

The Philippines has popular tourist seasons around January and February, but the country is great all year round. When it comes to clothing, the country is less conservative, and the dress sense is more western style. Still, one should dress more conservatively wren exploring the rural areas. The Philippines can make even the most broke backpackers feel loaded. However, one can bring in around $200 or 10,000 pesos at one time. Exchange money once in the Philippines and one will get charged for using ATMs. One can buy good deals on street for about $1.

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  1. When you arrive in the Philippines, you will be awestruck by the abundance of natures’ beauty all around you. Most backpackers prefer to start off in Manila, which is also the main flight hub and one can book cheap flights. On arrival, you will get a visa for a month of travel in the country.
  2. Make use of the network of bus links and bus routes that make your budget Philippines adventure like a breeze. You can book cheap tickets to whatever destination you want and enjoy the convenient mode of travel at super low prices and helpful locals.
  3. With so many different modes of transport, it sure is easy to get around in the Philippines and one can even consider hitchhiking. However, consider hitchhiking for shorter journeys as it becomes a bit awkward for longer journeys. Most locals travel short distances with their own vehicles.
  4. As for accommodation and lodging, Philippines offers a wide range of economical options such as cheap hostels, guesthouses, and lower range hotels, that are just about anywhere. You’ll be spoilt for choice, and you can easily get a decent place well below $10 per night!
  5. Couchsurfing is popular in the Philippines and you should remain open to invitations from locals to stay with them. Filipinos are well known for their hospitality and warmth, and one can certainly make good use of the situation. Moreover, this is a good way to understand the local culture and make new friends as well as enjoy authentic food.
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Most probably, your Philippines backpacking route will start in Manila, where there is plenty to do and see. Check out Fort Santiago and the National Museum of the Filipino to get a brush with Philippines history. Visit the legendary Mt Pulag, an hour away from Manila, which is truly stunning. Wake up early to see the Milky Way Galaxy at dawn and hike. Sagada is overnight from Manila and the adventure capital of the Philippines and a favorite with all. For those looking for a climbing adventure, El Nido is one of the best places. Kawasan Falls at Cebu are simply incredible.  You have to be at Philippines to enjoy and explore its natural wealth.

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