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Top 10 Beach Wedding Destinations in the World

If the idea of a perfect wedding venue takes you to a beach location then you have just arrived at the right place.

The sun, the sand and the sound of the crashing waves. For many, this is more than a heavenly match for your most important day of life. The outdoor wedding concept provides with a lot of freedom, compare it to a traditional church wedding where there will be so much of restriction, you can’t even choose a casual wedding theme. When it comes to beach wedding, there are just no rules, do it your way, wear what you like. It is your day after all.

Nice and romantic evening, on a backdrop of a setting beach sun, and there you are, getting married! To bring this amazing thought into reality, we present you with some of the best beach wedding venues.

Best Beach Wedding Destinations

Beach Wedding

Beach Wedding

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Maui, Hawaii – Aloha, to all you Hawaii fans. Maui is the 2nd largest island in the Hawaii group of islands that offers various beaches for a perfect beach wedding. Exotic beaches, empty and quite beaches, whatever be the requirement, Maui has it all.

When it comes to organizing a wedding, sand and coconuts are just not enough, you will need a parking lot, bathrooms etc. So make sure to research those things in your target beach location. Molokai Island in Maui has the best beaches for a wedding and is far less crowded than others.

Bali, Indonesia – Another island, but this time from the Indonesia with the total population of just over three million, Bali is the biggest tourist destination for the country. Most beach resorts in Bali provide wedding facilities and take care of all the arrangements that are required. The Nusa Dua beach and the Kuta beach are the top locations.

Goa, India – If there was one place in India that deserved to be put on this list, it is Goa. Private beaches, churches, and all other arrangements are in place, with Goa as your destination, beach wedding goes to a whole new level.

Fiji – The next on our list is none other than the popular Fiji. The Taveuni Island is of particular interest to many travelers as it is one of those places in Fiji which has got everything. From stunning beaches that are ideal for beach weddings, to volcanoes and rainforests. It is just the place for the ultimate nature lover.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida – Fort Lauderdale is a major tourist attraction, overlooking the Atlantic coast, it is a city that is home to over 5 million residents. Blessed with a number of popular beaches, Fort Lauderdale is a great place for beach wedding.

Trinidad and Tobago – Can’t keep the Caribbean out, especially when beaches matters. Trinidad and Tobago has great beaches, lush green forests, amazing sunsets and everything else that you need, when it comes to an excellent beach wedding.

Sydney, Australia – The beaches in and around Sydney are Australia’s best spots for beach weddings. With buildings such as the opera house, Sydney is surely a great place to visit and if you are planning on an after wedding travel, then Sydney can offer you everything that you need.

Dominican Republic – Another island nation and the great thing about an island nation is that there is no dearth of beaches. For our needs, since we are looking for the best beach wedding locations, DR is yet another good place. However, English is not widely spoken here, so language barrier might be a cause for concern here.

Maldives – Wedding on a tropical island, overlooking an excellent sandy beach and the clean ocean waters, what else can be more heavenly than this. However, please note that you can only do a vows renual, not the actual wedding, due to the laws of the land.

Langkawi, Malaysia – Another Far East Asia country with lots of beaches and excellent tropical weather. Getting married in the beaches of Malaysia is surely a great option.

Few things to take care of, in the case of a beach wedding:

1) Keep an eye on the weather forecast. You don’t want the rain to spoil the fun.

2) Some priests don’t like the idea of an outdoor wedding, so make sure to discuss it beforehand.

3) While mostly cheaper compared to a traditional church wedding, beach wedding can cost a bit as well. Certain beaches charges some money, per person or otherwise. Make sure to research it over.

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