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Top 10 Cheap London Hotels

What counts as cheap is different for different people, these hotels are all cheap for what you get, the absolute cheapest hotel in London though may not actually be cheap when you consider just how unpleasant it is to stay in and so it isn’t here.

London has plenty of cheap hotels and what constitutes a good price also depends on where in the city you are, if you have to pay for taxis to get back to your hotel late at night it may not work out that cheap after all.

The prices given for these hotel are mainly based on the cheapest prices you will get if you walk in off the street but if you book in advance and try online hotel booking sites you may get even better deals.

Cheap London Hotels

Twenty Nevern Square, Earl’s Court, price around £80

The nice thing about Twenty Nevern square is that every room is different and the styles, such as Eastern Victorian and Oriental, chosen make your room almost as interesting as some of the attractions in London itself. This hotel would cost a lot more in Central London or Theatre-land but is still well connected at Earl’s Court.

55 Hangar Lane, Ealing, price around £65

Also just known as 55 this is a very modern hotel, also very well kept and clean. The rooms are perfectly suited to relaxing after a day touring around the city with Orthopedic mattresses and the entire hotel, including its illuminated garden, gives off a feeling of relaxation.

The Hoxton, Shoreditch, price around £70

The Hoxton - Shoreditch

The Hoxton – Shoreditch

Source – 55935853@N00

Home of £1 room sales this could be the cheapest hotel in London if you manage to book for the short period £1 rooms are available each time (around ten minutes); the rest of the time though prices are still good depending on how early you book and when for. The quality of the designer hotel means that those who stay for £1 are happy to come back and pay full price.

Sanctuary House Hotel, Westminster, price around £80

Sanctuary House Hotel - Westminster

Sanctuary House Hotel – Westminster

Source – 55935853@N00

Rooms here are well finished if not anything to write home about but being able to pay such a low price for a quality hotel close to the Houses of Parliament is incredible. Prices in the bar and restaurant aren’t too excessive either and what is more the St James’ Park tube station is very close making this the perfect base for your time in London.

Easy Hotel, several London locations including Kensington, Earl’s Court and the Barbican, prices around £35

Some of the cheapest hotels in London: with an Easy Hotel you know what you are going to get and that is a basic, small room: but what is there will be clean and comfortable. Prices vary drastically so book in advance and be flexible with dates if you can; with six London locations though if you can be flexible with where you stay there’s normally a good deal available, only online naturally.

Tavistock Hotel, Bloomsbury, price around £70

Another hotel where the location is what makes it such good value more than anything special about the hotel itself, though there’s nothing wrong with it either.

The hotel is in Bloomsbury close to the British Museum and also Tottenham Court Road. It is also a perfect base for a weekend of shopping around Oxford Street and Bond Street and you can bring back bags when you can’t carry any more before heading out again.

The Pavillion, Paddington, price around £60

One of London’s best known and most fashionable boutique hotels they could charge more and still fill rooms. Each room is themed and many people come back again and again staying in a different room each time.

One of the owners is an Interior Designer and that comes across; although some of the rooms you wouldn’t want in your house they are great fun for a few nights be it in the Turkish room, Silhouette room, Casablanca room, Art Deco room or one of the other 26 on offer.

Arlington Avenue, Islington, price around £50

In a Georgian town house this hotel in underrated Islington is fantastic value. Set on a quite street this large house is the owner’s home and a hotel at the same time but doesn’t quite feel like a B & B or guest house. Stylishly decorated the hotel actually has only two rooms so book early.

Montagu Place Hotel, Marylebone, price around £100

Another small hotel Montagu Place does have a bar but no restaurant. In its position close to Baker Street though there are lots of places to eat and things to do nearby: it is the rooms then that are important in this hotel not the facilities. The rooms have been divided into Comfy, Fancy and Swanky rooms at different prices but the cheapest, comfy rooms, still feel luxurious, just a little smaller and more neutrally decorated.

Olympia Hotel, Earl’s Court, price around £40 but you may get deals for as little as £17.25

If you are interested in price first and foremost this is the cheapest hotel on our list and though there are a few hotels that are cheaper several of them you will want to avoid and would in all honesty be better off in a hostel.

The Olympia hotel though is fantastic value and though a little tatty around the edges here and there is a well kept clean hotel. The rooms are a little small but have en-suite toilet and shower rooms, breakfast is included but extremely basic.

One of the best things about this hotel though is its location close to Earl’s Court tube station from which you can easily get to the best parts of central London while saving on the cost of a more central hotel.

Sometimes the best way to find a hotel is by recommendation from people you know and know what you are looking for but if no one you know has been to London before then that can make it difficult: so we hope this list has helped, even if just one of these seems right for what you want.

I’m Dave Cousin from the UK and there’s nothing I love more than travelling the countries of Europe: from ground level ideally.

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