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Destination Guide to the Balkans

December 12, 2015

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The Balkan countries are one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, surrounded by Greece and turkey in South, Central Europe in the North West, Ukraine to the North East and Italy is the west. They are a popular destination  for the tourists who are longing for fun, adventure, activities and a memory worth preserving.

The magic of the Balkans

The Balkans is a sought after travel destination for ski resorts. It is embossed in striking scenery and a serene atmosphere which you would not like to miss out on. As summer is on the line, more and more travelers are planning out their vacation in the Balkan countries. The Balkan countries are an epitome of natural beauty, miscellaneous cultures and heritage, various lifestyles, and a journey to some of the most exotic and unique places which are still considered to be virgin land. There are plenty of places to visit in the Balkans with sumptuous food and great shopping galore.

The Balkan Peninsula- a conglomeration of countries

The Balkan Peninsula is a conglomeration of some of the most beautiful countries in Europe. It comprises of Albania, Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia, Herzegovina and Montenegro. It is termed to be an essence of culture, rich heritage, diverse and ethnic languages, opulent food and different kind of ideologies. There are different kinds of landscapes that also are worth visiting. The vast area of the Balkan Peninsula is so huge that you really don’t know what to visit and what to miss out on.


The best places to visit in the Balkans

Some of the best places to visit in the Balkans are the countries of Belgrade in Serbia, Sarajevo in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Kotor in Montenegro, Split in Croatia, Plovdiv in Bulgaria, Ohrid in Republic of Macedonia and many more. Autumn is one of the best seasons to visit the Balkan Peninsula.

Travelling costs to the Balkans depend on the kind of accommodation you decide on, however, if there are more than four people, accommodation becomes cheaper. Though some accommodations are expensive, it is worth the money spent!

How to get to the Balkan Peninsula

There are abundant international airports in the Balkan Peninsula. Some of the most well known airports by which you can visit to the famous Peninsula are located in Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Kosovo, Bosnia, Macedonia, Romania, Bucharia and many more Three Balkan countries comprising of Romania, Bulgaria and Croatia have recently joined the European Union and have put into operation the Schengen Treaty which acts as a boundary for travelling from one part to the other. People who would like to travel by train can travel by the Balkan Flexipass which is only valid for Macedonia, Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania and Turkey. There are various bus routes as well that can be availed as per convenience.

Tip – Since you are headed there anyway, I would highly recommend checking the new relaxed Turkey Visa requirements and pay a visit to this beautiful country as well.


The different activities in the Balkan Peninsula comprise of guided tours and hikes with permission. Apart from that, there are winter sports that comprise of Climbing Hajla Summit, 2403m, Acrobatics festival, Exit festival, Ohrid Summer Festival and many more.

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