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6 Hiking Essentials to Add to your Checklist

Hiking is one of the best exercise and activity to enjoy nature while keeping yourself fit. There’s hardly a better way to enjoy while being in touch with nature.It also gives a acute sense of direction and mental clarity as most hiking trails cut you off from the digital world. But there are a few hiking essentials which one should always carry and immediately add to your check-list.


Here are 5 must have’s for your next hike-

  1. Water purifier: No one can deny the fact that water is the most important factor when it comes to outdoor activities, so make sure to carry a source of water purifier. It is highly unlikely that you will find a natural potable water resource while on a hike so it becomes necessary to purify any water that you intend to ingest. Drinking spurious water might just get you sick and end the hike abrubtly. Like the age old saying goes – prevention is better then cure.
  2. First Aid kit: It is always good to be prepared for an untowardly situations when on a trail. You never know what might go wrong, hence it is advisable to carry a first aid kit with yourself. The kit would come in handy in case of injuries, wounds, allergic reactions, etc. Sunscreen lotions and insect repellents can also be a part of this little kit. There have been instances where hikers had to be air lifted as they did not have a first aid kit to attend minor injuries which could become a major one.


3. Sleeping bag: It is the tiniest of things that we do not care about but when on a trail we realize how important those tiny things are. A weather control sleeping bag is exactly that kind of tiny details that we often skip. The mountains can be treacherous with extreme weather conditions; it can get really hot during the day and extremely cold and wet during the night. So picking up the right kind of sleeping bag is extremely important. There are a lot to choose from so make sure to carry the one which suits the conditions.

4. Weather band radio: When on a longer trail that might entail spending a couple of nights in nature it is essential to invest in a wind-up weather band radio. This would help you prepare for the next day as per the weather forecast. When on a hike it is important to manage your day light accurately so that you reach your intended check point before sunset. If however you do not know what kind of weather you might face during the day it might just cause you to lose time and energy.

5. Backpack: Perhaps the most neglected part in a hike is the backpack although it is the most essential one as it carries everything you need inside it. Make sure to purchase a durable backpack with inner frame to support your back and Aldo that it is light weight. One of the important point that we generally miss out is checking whether it has a rain cover or not. Rain cover for a backpack is essential given that it might rain anytime during the hike.

6. Route Mapper: If you want to note down your route, use some free app or tool like Routes.tips to map your route with pictures. You can then save it for your future hikes or share it with other travelers/ friends to guide them on your awesome route find.

Hope these must have’s will give you a better understanding of what is essential for a hike. So go ahead and get these as soon as possible and go hike the long enduring trail that’s waiting to be explored.

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