Top 10 Hotels to Stay in Zurich

Top 10 Hotels to Stay in Zurich

Top 10 Hotels to Stay in Zurich

Zurich is a city of big multinational businesses and it can seem very neat, clean and unexciting when you first step off of the train or out of the airport. In part this may be due to the beauty of the surrounding countryside meaning the Swiss see no point to try and make their buildings beautiful alongside them and therefore go for functionality instead.

If you go up to the Old Town though and along by the lake you will see a different side of Zurich and can feel you are in a totally different city to the Business District.

Zuriuch is certainly well worth visiting with many great museums, the old town, shopping and of course walking in the surrounding countryside.

Where to Stay in Zurich


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EMA house – The Zurich All Suite Hotel

As the name suggests EMA house has only suites, these are very popular with business travellers who like having a home away from home when on extended business trips but are also great for leisure travellers who may be staying in Zurich for longer and want somewhere to base themselves from where they can also relax and take it easy.

There are a total of 22 suites, of various sizes with the Junior suite the smallest and the Presidential suite something really quite impressive. All though have at least a seating area and TV and most have a kitchen and separate office type room too; located by the canal you even get a nice view and good location as well.

Claridge Hotel Tiefenau

Zurich has many sleek, modern and basically boring hotels but the 19th century Claridge hotel is a little different if not quite unusual as such. With 35 rooms it isn’t so big you feel staff don’t really know you or care but it is big enough to have good facilities and a good restaurant serving local dishes. Rooms do still feel setup for business as almost every four or five star does in Zurich with desks and internet connections but they are still comfortable and nicely furnished, they don’t try to be modern, and often as a result cold, as is the case in some local hotels.


A small family run hotel with 24 rooms despite being close to the central business district it feels homely and has a friendly relaxed atmosphere making it popular with other tourists as well. Rooms are simple but good value compared to many other hotels in the area with smaller rooms.

Breakfast is included and is of the local style with cold cuts, breads and cheese as well as options of cereal and yoghurt.

Justinus Heim Zurich – A budget hotel with single, double and triple rooms, including a shower for a little extra. Zurich has very little between hostels, of which there are few, and luxury business hotels so if you are coming as a tourist this may be worth considering.

Few business people stay here but those that do and are bored of identical business hotels themselves love the view from this small hillside building on to the valley below and the city within it. The building is, as you may have  guessed then, a little way up the hill from the centre of the city, it is surrounded by pine forests though and even if you are travelling on business staying here will let you get that alpine experience you wouldn’t if you never went beyond the financial district.

The Guest’s House

Two minutes walk from a suburban train station Triemli and then 15 minutes on the train to the centre of Zurich this is another hotel for those who don’t fancy the business hotels of the city itself when there is so much beautiful countryside nearby. Many people in fact use this hotel as a base for hiking and a hearty breakfast is included to keep you going if you are going to be climbing the local mountains. Rooms are a good size when you consider the prices you will pay compared to a central Zurich hotel.

Hotel Schweizerhof Zurich

A luxury four star hotel that claims to have five star service which is probably fair, the location is also a big plus being opposite the main train station and the financial district, lake and old town are all nearby.

There is no pool but there is a good sized gym and of course being Zurich a business centre and high speed internet. The hotel also has its own restaurant selling international and local cuisine which is available from room service as well.

Rooms are a good size and far from basic with quality furniture and furnishings and comfortable chairs, which far too few hotels include in rooms.

The Dolder Grand

173 rooms and suites of different sizes but all finished with great detail and luxury this is one of the most luxurious getaways there is and the surrounding country just compliments the five star hotel nicely.

On the edge of the city looking down getting to the city centre won’t be a problem as there is a regular shuttle bus to take you where you need to go. As well as the shuttle bus you have a great choice of facilities including the 4000 square metre spa where treatments and relaxation sessions are available. You will have no trouble keeping fit either with a good sized pool, gym and of course there are opportunities for walking and hiking in the grounds and beyond.

The hotel looks like a castle from the outside and inside the theme continues in the 19th century part of the hotel with a more modern extension too so you can pick your room or suite based on your own style preference.

Alden Hotel Splugenschloss

A small boutique hotel ideal for a quick romantic getaway to a city that isn’t seen as romantic but walking by the lake or in the hills can be a wonderful way to spend the time with the one you love.

There are both rooms and suites, which may be ideal if you want to spend some quality time together and the sun suite has a large sun filled living room and a whirlpool Jacuzzi. The location is close to the lake and old town including the main shopping streets rather than towards the business district and station.

Martahaus – A hostel come budget hotel with a café bar within what is a modern and clean building that feels more like what would be a mid market chain hotel elsewhere in Europe such as an Etap or Travel Lodge. It is good value for what you get therefore and there are neat dorms as well as the double bedrooms, some of which are en-suite. The location is in central Zurich close to the station too.

Baur au Lac

There are 127 rooms and suites in this five star hotel by the lake, as well as a luxurious bar a world class restaurant and attractive grounds best enjoyed on a warm summers night sitting out on the terrace watching the lake itself.

The grounds with the city all around them make you feel cut off and the hotel is a real oasis, within the hotel find your own oasis in rooms with plenty of space and fantastically comfortable beds.

Zurich has some of the world’s biggest banks and richest companies so prices can be high, not just in hotels but restaurants and shops too, with some careful planning though you can enjoy this city whatever your budget might be.

I’m Dave Cousin from the UK and there’s nothing I love more than travelling the countries of Europe: from ground level ideally.

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Lisa - October 8, 2012

I stayed once in The Dolder Grand and was very delighted by the luxury and service of this hotel. The Dolder Grand is on this list and justifiably so!

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