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How To Make The Most of a Japanese Holiday

If you are thinking about tours to Japan here are some of the suggestions for the things that you can do there. Hopefully this will give you a taste of how amazing Japan is and help you to take the plunge and booking a trip to one of the best countries on the planet. Read on to find out more.

Climb Mount Fuji

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This majestic mountain is a world renowned icon of Japan and is actually a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can climb the mountain between July and September, this coincides with the summer months and it is a truly amazing experience. The views from the top are something to marvel at, especially when you see the magnificent Japanese landscape!

Try your hand at Karaoke

Naturally, you can try karaoke all around the world, but you absolutely need to try it in the spiritual home of karaoke: Japan. The quality is also a thousand times better than what you would expect in other countries. It is a pretty common theme that the Japanese are absolutely meticulous with things that they create and karaoke is no exception to this. The themed karaoke rooms are amazingly detailed with just about anything you could think about from deep space to a doll house. The soundproofing, sound systems and microphones are also meticulously well thought out.

Ride a bullet train

These amazingly fast trains are known in Japan as a Shinkansen and is an incredibly fast way to travel around Japan. Shinkansen reach over 200 kilometres an hour, but don’t let the speed scare you these are incredibly safe and there have never been an deaths or accidents that have occurred with a bullet train. It is quite a surreal experience to ride a train that goes this fast and means you can enjoy a fast trip between cities, meaning more time for your trip!

Eat ramen

Originally influenced by Chinese noodles that became popular in Japan, the Japanese (like most things) have taken ramen to the next level. You can find all kinds of ramen there, such as instant noodles in shops, luxurious restaurants that serve ramen and even vending machines that prepare and cook the ramen for you! Whatever your style of travel is there is certainly some ramen that will suit you.

Visit a temple

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We all know the fascinating pictures that we see of the stunning temples that exist in Japan and this is your opportunity to go and visit one. Kyoto would be my ideal location for visiting a temple as there are quite literally hundreds of them there. My favourite is without a doubt Saihō-ji or the moss temple as it is known. It is located in a  forest that has a mossy floor that gives it its name. It is quite a surreal and the Golden Pond in the centre is definitely a highlight amongst the mossy forest surrounds.

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