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How to make money while travelling long term

December 25, 2016

There are good chances that while travelling, the thought of making money on the go has never crossed your mind. Leave aside earning; the costs of moving from one destination to another will leave you preoccupied more than everything else. This will not only pre-empt all your future travel plans, but will actually stall all your travel goals. To back up the claim with examples, that cash can be earned while on the move, I have listed five easy ways to make use of just a fraction of the money making opportunities that really exist.


1) Freelance writing

Even if you aptitude is different, try freelance writing, as there are sure to be requirements in all fields. Just try out Upwork, Fiverr or any other marketplaces for beginners and start earning on the move.

2) Paid house sitting gigs

This is the best way to avail of free stay, without actually getting paid, and getting accommodation expenses for months and months. So long as you are ready to take care of somebody else’s house while he or she is away, the options are endless. Plus, as you gain some experience in house and pet sitting, you will start getting paid gigs as well.

3) Play online casino games

For a person who likes to travel and earn money on the go, playing online casino games, for real money offers plenty of bonuses. Thanks to online gaming, you can click here and earn by playing while waiting for your next flight.

4) Selling stock photos

Just imagine you travel around the world and have taken loads of pictures of your travels. These photos can actually earn money for you if you decide to sell them. While some stock image sites pay peanuts for your images, there are plenty of sites like Alamy, 500px or Creative Market where you can even ask for a high price. Remember, there are hundreds of websites where you can showcase your products to a much larger audience.

5) Become a VA (Virtual Assistant)

Virtual assistants are in high demand these days, as due to advanced technology, businessmen are looking to reduce costs by hiring people who can work from home. In fact, a competent VA can just about take care of any task these days. They can manage such everyday jobs like responding to emails, research work, travel arrangement, scheduling appointments and much more.

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