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Seven Best Road Trips Across the World

A road trip is perhaps the best way to get close to nature and escape from the monotony of everyday life. Having just to dump a bag at the back seat and hearing the engines come to life as you speed away is the ultimate adrenaline rush one can experience. Try these seven road journeys from across the globe for the ride of your life.

1) The Garden Route, South Africa

the garden route

There is no better way to experience the natural beauty of South Africa, than by undertaking this memorable trip. With mountains on one side and the sea on the other,this coastal road trip from Mossel Bay to Storm River Mouth is dramatic all the way.

2) San Juan skyway, USA

This 380 km long trip through the San Juan mountain range in Colorado, USA, is best done in the autumn season when the surroundings are aglow with the yellow oranges and red leaves.

3) The Karakoram highway, China

Passing through some epic scenery, from the mighty snowcapped Himalayas on one side and deep rocky gorges on the other, this is without doubt the most stunning road route in the world. Totally worth renting a car and driving along for the journey of a lifetime. It is also the highest paved road in the world, and connects China with Pakistan. Apart from the views, there are some wonderful archaeological wonders to be seen on the way.

4) Pan-American Highway

This longest road in the world, stretches for an astounding 48,000 km, right from  the Arctic to the Antarctic, with a small break caused by the Darien Gap rainforest in Panama. This ultimate journey commences at Patagonia, the southern tip of Argentina, all the way to Alaska, passing through every imaginable natural habitat en route.

5) Ticlio pass, Peru

This 132 km drive along the 4,877 m highest paved road in South America, winds its way through the Andes mountains on a hair raising three hour journey. The hairpin bends, falling boulders and wild lamas darting across the road notwithstanding, the views on offer are worth the effort and the risks.

6) The Alcan highway, Canada

This mammoth 2,167 km through the wilderness of America, stretches from Canada to Alaska. Encountering some of the harshest weather conditions, one will be rewarded ultimately with crystal clear lakes, tall mountain ranges and a variety of wildlife, including the odd grizzly bear. Small detours take you to hot springs and awesome food joints serving homemade chicken noodles soup and hearty sandwiches.

7) Transfagarasan road, Romania


This thrilling ride through Dracula country passes through numerous hairpin bends and inky black tunnels for nearly 116 km. The road trip starts at Cartisoara, onwards to Curtea de Arges and Muntenia, rising to meet the 2,034 m Moldoveanu peak. This incidentally, happens to be the highest peak in Romania. The Poenari castle, which inspired the creation of Dracula movies, is a must see destination and sure to encourage your friends to make this trip.

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