4 Themed Short Cruises from Sydney

4 Themed Short Cruises from Sydney You Should Not Miss

Have you often thought of trying a cruise, but aren’t sure if you’d like it? Some people are often not sure and feel intimidated to spend a huge amount on a cruise vacation which normally would take a week or more. Even some of the short cruise trips that you can find offer around 5-6 days trip which again is something that some people are reluctant. Hence, first-time cruisers never really get the opportunity to get over their fears and apprehensions where they can try and understand the whole experience as a ‘sample’.

Short cruises from Sydney offer a great way for first-time cruisers to ‘sample’ the entire experience. The only difference between a short cruise and a regular cruise experience is that the experience ends a bit sooner. However, passengers can still experience the same cuisine, onboard entertainment, activities, luxurious surroundings and accommodation and stop at various exciting destinations. Most of these short cruises from Sydney leave on Thursdays and return on Monday which makes it perfect for those who want to sample the experience in a short period, especially on weekends. Each short cruise has a certain theme and offers a great way for families and individuals to have a great time at an affordable budget.

Here are top 4 themed short cruises from Sydney that you should not miss out.

short cruises from Sydney

Comedy Theme Cruise by P&O – Pacific Aria – 3 Nights

Sailing Date: June 3-6, 2016

If you are looking for some fun with some of Australia’s best stand-up comedians you can look out for this cruise. It offers a Comedy Wave Gala comedy show which is a must-watch. Although it is an adults-only show it is family-friendly and you can also try a comedy workshop where professionals give you tips on how to improve your comic timing. You can also enjoy the Comedy Wave Gong Show.

Sunshine Coast Cruise by P&O – Pacific Aria – 4 Nights

Sailing Date: June 13-17, 2016

Looking for a break? If you have some time for yourself you can hop on to this cruise to witness some of the breathtaking landscapes of the Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. The cruise connects to Mooloolaba which is a perfect spot for those who want to experience golden beaches and crystal-clear waters and have a laid-back time.

Christmas in July Cruise by P&O – Pacific Pearl – 3 Nights

Sailing Date: July 22-25, 2016

You don’t have to wait for Christmas until December now because P&O brings you Christmas in July themed cruise where you can experience the festive moments early. Listen to the carols, meet Santa that will offer you presents and enjoy the best meals from the moment you step onboard.

Food and Wine Theme Cruise by P&O – Pacific Pearl – 3 Nights

Sailing Date: Aug 19-22, 2016

Watch the presentations and seminars from some of the top food and wine personalities, learn the fine details of wine and cheese and participate in various food demonstrations and activities that happen onboard. Discover how to make the perfect coffee and do cocktail mixings like a professional on the food and wine theme cruise.

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