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A Student’s Guide to Traveling without Spending Money – Review

No matter how stingy or rich you are, traveling costs money. Despite all your efforts of keeping the budget low, you end up spending more than you intend to. For those students who ache to travel far and wide but feel restricted because of the budget constraints, the solution lies in “A student’s guide to traveling without spending money.” This is a wonderful book that shares amazing tips and information that you have never come across before. This is a great guide for students who can plan their vacations without worrying about the money. Amra and Amanda Kendle, the main contributors of the book, show you how to enjoy your travel without spending money.

quotescover-JPG-87_1469696926 It may sound unbelievable to most of you in the beginning, but the book carries practical and real advice on how to travel without spending a dime. The secret lies in being a part of training programs, internships, and scholarships that allow one to travel free of cost. The book discusses a number of different programs and the processes that tell you how to apply to those programs. There are certain requirements required of the students to enroll in these programs. The eBook give a set of suggestions how to apply for specific scholarship / internship / volunteer, etc programs including very specific instructions on how to write essay, motivation letter and CV.

Amra and Amanda have traveled a lot and really enjoyed writing this book. The best part is that the book is advisable for free, and the student need does not pay a dime to lay their hands on the book.  Thus, you end up gaining incredible information on how to travel for free as a student and need not even pay for the information! It is true that most students would love to travel but do not have that kind of money as they are loaded with the expenses of college and tuition fees. However, most of them are not aware of the easy solution available at hand. They can enroll in various programs, training and internships and get to travel to far-off places for free. This way they not only get to travel for free but make significant progress on their academic front.

Moreover, going to new places, meeting new people and locals broadens their visions and makes them more acceptable to other cultures and society. Isn’t that amazing? An added advantage of all that free traveling is that those participating in different student programs abroad will look amazing on your CV and portfolio. Think of the new connections in life that you would be making as you travel to different countries. The book is both fun and meaningful to read. The information on resources and internships is complete with descriptions. The students learn how to apply and what are the deadlines and requirements.

Follow those great tips for exploring the world on a low budget and for free. Nowhere else will you get such valuable piece of information and guide. The book is highly recommended for all those students who would love to visit those faraway lands but have a little clue as to how to fulfill their dreams. “A student’s guide to traveling without spending money,” tells you exactly on how to travel on the very low budget.

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