The Ultimate Checklist for Backpacking through Europe

The Ultimate Checklist for Backpacking through Europe

September 15, 2015

We know that you have been dreaming of a Euro trip for as far back as you could remember, jumping from train to train and hostel to hostel until you have visited the most beautiful countries the continent has to offer. Take a close look at the ultimate checklist for backpacking through Europe.

The experience is no less than thrilling and you can’t wait to make the most amazing memories of your life. While you can save up to visit one or two countries in Europe and travel by plane, nothing compares to the experience of backpacking.

It is the ideal balance of spontaneous and planned, exciting and safe and fun and educational.

You have the chance to blend in with the locals by using their subway systems, going out to all of their favorite hidden gems and having the time to talk to them (as you do not have a plane to catch in two hours).


Backpacking Through Europe

Backpacking Through Europe

We highly recommend this experience for anybody who is looking for an authentic adventure on one of the most romantic territories in the world. Nevertheless, before you run out of the house and hop on the first train you find in the station, you should prepare by packing everything you will need (you might be gone a while).

The secret to packing for backpacking is simple: less is more. Even though you will be tempted to pack more than enough garments for your trip, you should take the time to sort them out and be aware that they literally will be staying on your back for the whole time.

For assistance, consult the ultimate checklist for backpacking through Europe that we have prepared for you. Pack up and safe travels!

1. T-Shirts / Shirts

At the most, you will need five shirts with short or long sleeves, depending on the weather and period of time you are visiting Europe. Before you panic, just think that any loose long sleeve shirt can instantly turn into a short one if you roll the sleeves up.

2. Shorts / Pants


For backpacking through Europe, you really won’t need more than one pair of shorts, one pair of pants and one pair of light jeans. We recommend that you choose neutral colors that can work with any of the tops you bring.

3. Sweatpants


For long trips between countries, a comfortable pair of sweatpants is a must. These also work great for sleepwear if it gets a bit chilly at night. Look for a lightweight pair that can dry easily.

4. Undergarments

On your Euro trip you should bring around five pairs of socks and five pairs of underwear. You can wash them up quickly each time you stop at a hostel and they will have plenty of time to dry until the morning.

5. Sweater

If you are traveling during the summer, one light sweater in a dark shade will be fine. If you leave during autumn or winter, you can bring two sweaters (to have a clean one while the other dries).

6. Light Jacket

Even if it’s the middle of the summer, you still might be in a situation in which you will need a light jacket. It is impossible to be familiar with the climate and weather behavior in all regions of Europe, so it is better to be safe than sorry.


7. Comfortable Shoes

Find the most comfortable pair of sneakers or tennis shoes in your closet and bring them to you with Europe. You will be walking and traveling continuously… so the cozier the better.

8. Boots

If you want to discover mountainous regions or go hiking while in Europe, you should bring a good old pair of boots that will withstand your adventures. If you generally are not a nature kind of person, don’t overweigh your luggage with boots (especially in the summer).

rucksack backpack

9. Rucksack / Backpack

In the end, you will need a piece of luggage to fit everything into, right? What you need for backpacking through Europe is a sturdy yet stylish rucksack backpack with a duffel-inspired body so all of your belongings can fit in.

10. Cap / Visor

Last but not least, walking for hours on end in the sun won’t be that great for your body if you are traveling in mid-July or August. Bring a cap or a visor (preferably a cap, as it covers your whole head) and always stay well-hydrated.

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After reading the ultimate checklist for backpacking through Europe you should be well equipped for your travels to continental Europe.


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