Things to do before leaving your house for a long holiday

5 Things to Do Before Leaving your House for a Long Vacation

When planning a vacation or a trip, there are hundreds of things to plan for your holiday as well as essential things to do before you leave. People often forget or are not aware of what they need to do or take care of in their home before leaving, so as to keep it safe and protected while they are away. This is essential to enjoy a carefree vacation and trouble free homecoming. What you plan for your home can be as important as what you do on your holiday. Most people neglect those essential points in the excitement of their holiday and may face several disappointments when they come back. So I jotted down this list before I headed out for a longish trip to Bakersfield.

Here’s an essential checklist to go through before you leave for your vacation.

leaving your house

1- Have someone keep an eye on your house

Apart from holding on all your newspapers and mails, it is best to have a close friend or family member to keep a check on your home while you are away. Arrange for somebody to take care of your garden and lawn. Your neighbors can walk by the house at different times to check doors or for any unexpected packages.

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