How to improve your holiday experience

Tips For Improving Your Holiday Experience

December 19, 2016

Traveling is always fun, but there are a lot of different ways to make it even more rewarding every time you travel. Here are some of the things that I have found have really helped me get that little bit extra out of my travels. So read on to find out more.

Start it early

One thing that I find hard and stressful about travel is being in transit. This all begins with heading to the airport, which can be quite an annoying experience. Airport hotels are the perfect way to start your holiday early and reduce all the stress involved in heading to the airport. I have done this at a few Stansted airport hotels and was rather impressed by how convenient it is. I headed to the hotel the night before my 10am flight and was able to eat a nice dinner and then had a nice shower and breakfast before my flight. It was great to just leisurely wander over to the airport and be totally relaxed!

airport hotels

[/media-credit] Airport hotels

This is also a great advantage because you will most certainly realise very early if you have forgotten something. In most cases there will not be enough time to go and get something, but by starting your holiday early you can quite easily go and get something that you may have forgotten.

Say “Yes”

One thing that you should do as a traveler is to say “yes” and this means trying as many new things as possible. Think about all the times that you have said “no”, whilst on holiday and not realised what you may have missed out on. So when you see some unusual food that you wouldn’t normally eat, get asked to go to a great beach party or someone asks you to go bungee jumping, the best thing to is to simply say “yes”. If you don’t like it then you can at least say you tried, but you will probably be surprised at how great experiences like these can be.

Learn the local language

Of course, you don’t need to study for years just because you are traveling to somewhere for two weeks, but knowing the local language can definitely help you to get more from your travel experience. Learning all the basics like “yes”, “no”, “please” and thank you” are great ways to make an effort and to show respect for the local culture. You could quite easily coast along with English in most parts of the world, but that just wouldn’t be any fun.

Get a hang of local language

[/media-credit] Get a hang of local language

Pack less

One thing that hurts your holiday experience is packing too many things. Ideally you want to pack the things that you actually need and not the things that you might need. Remember that when you travel you can most likely buy things along the way and these are probably going to be things that you don’t already own or can’t buy in your own country. Buying souvenirs is just one of many great reasons to pack less in your luggage!

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