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Top 5 Hill Stations in India

November 14, 2015


Dal Lake

Dal Lake Photo by MakeMyTrip

India is a country that is abundant with rich cultural heritage.  The second most populous country in the world, India has the reputation of being very hospitable. The most common philosophy that one can see in every Indian, in the context of overseas travelers visiting them, is that they deliver on the saying ‘Athithi Devo Bhava’ which roughly translates to treating the guest as a form of God. India is a beautiful country that has been visited by several Heads of State & eminent businesspersons in the past. Steve jobs visited India extensively. He expressed that his experience in the country made him a very different person in terms of understanding meaning to his Life.Though most of the cities in India are populous and noisy, you always have an option to retreat to the beauty of nature and pack your bags for a visit to the beautiful hill stations in the country. The stark similarity among all the hill stations is the serene calm and serenity you have as opposed to the boisterous environment of a city.

Here are the top 5 hill stations in India that are your best choices for a relaxed vacation alone or with your family:

  1. Srinagar (Jammu and Kashmir):The pleasant environs, the historic gardens, the houseboats and the very sweet nature of the people have facilitated the growth of this hill station as one of the best. Located in the Kashmir valley, Srinagar is popularly known as ‘ Heaven on earth’.
  1. Manali (Himachal Pradesh):Snow clad mountains, hills to trek and many adventures in store, Manali is a popular getaway destination for Indian as well as foreign travelers. The many relaxation options here have visitors in awe and leave them with a craving to stay back without a doubt.
  1. Matheran (Maharashtra): An adventure seeker’s paradise, Matheran doesn’t allow the use of automobiles inside town, which means you can reach here either by trekking on the scenic route or by availing the facility of a toy train. Don’t you have the adventure feels already?
  1. Ooty (Tamil Nadu):The queen of hill stations, Ooty is a small town that has the serenity and peace you desire, to relax your mind and forget your worries. Pine trees grow in abundance here and the pretty cottages, fenced gardens and thatched roof churches enhance the beauty of this scenic locale.
  1. Tawang (Arunachal Pradesh): A less frequented hill station; Tawang is a beautiful combination of religion, tradition and nature. Home to many monasteries and gompas and even a war memorial, this place is full of stories and folklore. The divine chi this place possesses makes people forget the monotony of life and allows in knowing themselves better.

India in the world has an unenviable reputation of being the Soul of the World. The rich cultural traditions which can be witnessed in all the Hill Stations coupled with Buddhist Meditation Techniques, offers a traveler with unique opportunities to not only charge one’s batteries, but also, in re-discovering themselves. Hectic modern day living has taken a very heavy toll on one’s tendency to Live in Nature. The Hill Stations especially fill this vacuum in every one’s Life and fill a Person with Happiness, Joy & Peace.

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