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Top 5 Travel Locales for Adrenaline Junkies

November 16, 2015

Action never ends for travel and adventure freaks as they believe in living life to the fullest and are always on the look out to challenge their limits and explore newer destinations or ways where they can overcome their fear and feel maximum thrill and excitement.  Below are the world’s most exciting and preferred travel extreme sports places for adrenaline junkies which will get their hearts beating faster like never before and give them a wholesome adrenaline rush.


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Rock ClimbingDevil’s Tower, US is the world’s popular point for rock climbing drawing close to 4000 climbers each year. It has an interesting terrain and close to 150 routes to climb it, the most easy being the Durrance Route. The whole route is covered by climbing over few pitches and then rappelling. There are enough cracks in the tower molding it into the form of numerous hexagonal shapes and making it a unique rock climbing locale.

Whitewater Kayaking- A water sport where extremists toy with high speed water to feel the desired thrill. The Zambezi River in Zambia under Victoria Falls is regarded as the most beautiful yet very difficult whitewater rafting & kayaking destinations of the world. Numerous big and small rapids through the Batoka Gorge  are  very adventurous whereas if you want to raft on serene waters, then take water route above the falls, both intimidating in their own way.

Wingsuit FlyingA new and a dangerous skydiving version where the daredevil wears a wing suit which helps him increase his surface area to help him fly longer distances in the air like a bird. To get the best of aerial views and plenty of open space, take a drop at Palm Island, Dubai from a height set at 13000 ft above sea level. The view of Palm Island is spectacular along with other landscapes and quite a hit spot for this sport. While you are there, check out other Things to do in Dubai as well.

Mountain Biking- A sport involving biking with high speed around rough mountain terrain. It requires one to be very skillful in balancing one’s bike and enduring through tough path up or down a mountain. Colorado trail near Denver and Durango is a top spot for mountain bikers covering a distance of 486 miles at a height of 10, 000 ft with lot of beautiful landscapes, steeper slopes and biodiversity to explore.

Caving or spelunking– This sport about exploring and studying caves requires one to use special equipment while visiting fragile and lightless underground world or descending in potholes using a rope. A sure way to give an adrenaline rush to the junkies, Cango Caves of Africa is not for the faint hearted but for the fitter you as you need to need to crawl through the dark subterranean zone to discover captivating rock formations and breathtaking underground world.

These are just a few of the many extreme sports to get your blood pumping. One should be mindful that amateurs need to practice such sports under expert guidance owing to high degrees of risk in initial stages till one advances to skillful levels.

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