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Top Ayahusca Retreats in Peru

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Ayahusca is a contemporary and new age form of alternative healing experience. First discovered in Amazon, Ayahusca plant has incredible spiritual healing properties and have been used by shamans (medicine men) since centuries.

Western culture has only recently gotten a whiff of this magic medicine and people are attracted towards South America , especially Peru, to heal in the laps of nature and experience this complete body and mind detox.

Often people purge or vomit after drinking Ayahusca and this is the real spiritual awakening . This is said to rid them off any bad doing or karmas and offer a complete spiritual rebirth of mind and soul. Ayahusca should only be consumed with practised healers called shamans. Hence, Ayahusca retreats for 1 week upto 1 month , are extremely popular among tourists these days.

Although you should be guided solely by your instincts while choosing the perfect retreat, here are few popular ones –

  • Ethnika’s Ayahusca Retreat – Nestled in Santa Rosa, Peru, this retreat is one of the top rated ones on TripAdvisor for its safe and secure environment and excellent shamans.
  • Pulse Adventure Tours – Situated in real jungles of Peru, this exotic locale offers everything from authentic Ayahusca medicine, top shamans, jungle gym, adventures in the forests , proper diet and a lot more.
  • Dreamglade – As the name suggest, this retreat is located in a dreamy lake side locale in the centre of Amazon rainforests of Peru. Perfect to rejuvenate your mind , body and soul by this beautiful lake in safe hands of experienced healers.

So, if you are truly looking for an out of the world healing experience , then try Ayahusca and you will come back a different , better, human being.

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