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Top 10 Beaches To Visit In England

Not all beaches are the same and the best one for you depends what you want to do and who you are with.

Some of these beaches are ideal for a hot summers day where you want a quiet and relaxed beach with nothing to disturb you from a nap or a good book, others are great come rain or shine with plenty to do on the beach or nearby

If you are with children then somewhere like Cleethorpes or Eastbourne are especially good with plenty to keep them occupied. If you are with a group of friends looking for a good time and slightly less family orientated activities then somewhere like Brighton or Newquay may be best right, or it may be that you and your partner want somewhere quite and secluded to just relax.

Top Beaches in England

Bude, Cornwall

Bude - Cornwall

Bude – Cornwall

Source – dannyboymalinga

Bude is a popular surfing beach but is also popular with families, though the weather and surf will decide whether the water is filled with children or filled with people on their boards.

If you have children who are a bit older though they could take a first lesson at Bude as the conditions are often just right for beginners and the whole family could even take a lesson at Bude’s highly respected Surf School.

Bude is quite small but the town itself has a few good pubs and there’s the popular Life’s a Beach café that serves good food and is ideal for a meal beside the beach after a day of playing and relaxing in the sun.

Scarborough, Yorkshire

Scarborough, Yorkshire

Scarborough, Yorkshire

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Scarborough has the ability to surprise visitors, especially those who have been there before but not for a little while.

Scarborough has beautiful beaches and that’s always been the case but until recently it was a little run down; now though Scarborough is a fantastic looking places with a smart front and grand hotels restored to their former glory.

Scarborough’s main beach is on a bay that arcs round, meaning the waters are calm and great for children. The beach itself is of golden sand ideal for relaxing on or making a sandcastle: perhaps based on the 2,500 year old castle that overlooks the town.

Lytham St Anne’s, Lancashire

Lytham St Anne’s - Lancashire

Lytham St Anne’s – Lancashire

Source – jackberry

Across the other side of the North of England from Scarborough is the Lancashire coast with several famous resorts including Morecombe and Blackpool: but though Blackpool is a great place to have fun on the rides and in the town the beach in nearby Lytham St Annes is far nicer and far more quiet.

With your back against the sand dunes, looking out to sea on a sunny day you can enjoy complete bliss; the long wide beaches mean plenty of space for everyone and plenty of room for fun and games plus maybe enjoying a traditional donkey ride along the beach.

Camber Sands, Sussex

Camber Sands - Sussex

Camber Sands – Sussex

Source – dgeezer

Camber Sands is another sandy wide beach backed with natural dunes but Camber is down on the south coast. The historic old town of Rye is just in-land and also worth a visit but on a hot day you can happily spend the day at Camber relaxing and enjoying the water and wildlife including wading birds.

Holkham Bay, Norfolk

Holkham Bay - Norfolk

Holkham Bay – Norfolk

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When the tide goes out at Holkham Bay the sands are vast and you may have to walk for several minutes from the top of the beach just to reach the water, when the sea comes back in it moves fast though so don’t leave your towels to close to the water’s edge. The sand here is particularly fine and ideal for playing in, as are the pine woods behind the beach.

Brighton, Sussex

Brighton - Sussex

Brighton – Sussex

Source – howzey

Brighton hasn’t let its shingle beach hold it back as a beach destination, there is a lot to see and do in Brighton itself and it is ideal for people who want to enjoy the beach during the day and party at night.

The beach is shingle so you may want to hire a deckchair but the water is clean and great for swimming in; if you don’t fancy too much of a swim yourself there are several open water swimming competitions held during the year that attract a large number of spectators on the beach.

Eastbourne, Sussex

Birling Gap

Birling Gap

Source – dgeezer

If you expect Eastbourne on the south coast, to be a smaller less impressive version of larger neighbour Brighton you would be wrong. Eastbourne is, though a large town itself, very different to Brighton in terms of its style and the atmosphere of the place.

Eastbourne is very popular with retirees, either for holidays or as a place to live during retirement: this means that the pace of life here is a little slower but it is ideal for young families too.

The seafront is unspoilt by arcades and shops as a by-law means that they aren’t allowed, therefore beautiful grand Victorian and Edwardian hotels line the front. The pier too is one of the UK’s most attractive and traditional, perfectly complimented by the bandstand right on the beach: you can sit in a deckchair with the sounds of a concert in the background most days during the summer.

Canford Cliffs, nr. Poole Dorset

Canford Cliffs, nr. Poole Dorset

Canford Cliffs, nr. Poole Dorset

Source – alwyn_ladell

Even on the busiest bank holidays you should be able to find room at this beach: not the most accessible this is why and it is mainly only locals that know Canford Cliffs beach is here. While the beaches in Poole itself and in Bournemouth will be packed this beach will give you room to stretch out a little while still having the facilities you need including lifeguards in summer and toilets.

Newquay, Cornwall

Beach Surfing Newquay Cornwall

Beach Surfing Newquay Cornwall

Source – iknow-uk

Newquay does get busy in the summer though when the tide’s out it is another wide beach. If you get in the water then you will need to look out for surfers if you are swimming and if you are surfing it can get busy as surfers compete for space.

At the same time though Newquay has a fun party atmosphere in the summer and it can feel more like you are on a beach in California than England on a hot day; the surfers provide free entertainment as well while you sit and relax.

Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire

Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire

Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire

Source – yellowbookltd

Cleethorpes has to compete against many other fantastic sandy beaches along the Lincolnshire coast, but if you are looking for a beach with plenty of things to do this is it. With children especially there is a lot to keep them entertained including Punch and Judy, Balloon and other Showsm the miniature steam railway and games and other activities on the beach.

You can go to each of the beaches on this list and have a different kind of day each time: you shouldn’t assume all beaches, and their attractions, are alike; however one thing all beaches have in common is the sea, which can be a dangerous playmate so always be safety conscious at the same time as having fun.

I’m Dave Cousin from the UK and there’s nothing I love more than travelling the countries of Europe: from ground level ideally.

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These are very lovely pictures of the beaches here. If you want a relaxing getaway, the English countryside is one of the most serene and beautiful places that you can find peace of mind.

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