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Top 10 Hotels for the London 2012 Olympics

Many of London’s best and most prestigious hotels are in the West End, these are an option for visiting the Olympics and ideal for events in Hyde Park and at the Horse Guard Parade ground where Beach Volleyball will be held, some of each day will be taken up getting to the Olympic Park though.

Stratford and Greenwich, by the Olympic Park and Excel and O2, don’t have very many established hotels, though we have tried to include some that have been keeping guests happy for years. You may also want to consider chain hotels close to the Olympic Park though, which are more dependable, especially if you are looking for budget accommodation.

Hotels to Stay in London

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Ibis hotels are similar the world over and you can rely on good service and a clean room at this hotel right by the Olympic Park. The rooms are reasonably sized but the en-suite is in the form of a preassembled cubicle in the room. If you plan to be at the Olympic Park though, perhaps followed by some shopping at the new Westfield shopping centre and a meal in a local restaurant the main thing is knowing you have a clean and comfortable room to come back to.

Rooms will of course sell out fast but the Ibis in Greenwich isn’t far from the Olympic Park either.

Near the City London Bridge hotel is in a good location if you want to be close to the centre of London and not too far from the West End yet have a fairly clear run to the Olympic Park, it won’t be easy wherever you stay mind you unless you are in walking distance but if you want to stay in one of London’s more classy hotels this is perhaps the most convenient for the park.

A four star hotel on the South Bank it tries to be traditional and modern at the same time and pulls it off rather well; the facilities are certainly modern in what is a popular hotel with business travellers and the service is exceptional. As well as the Hotel’s Londinium restaurant there is a bar and lounge and full room service, or you can head out to one of the many restaurants in the London Bridge area.

The heart of the west end and ideal if you want to take in a show while in London the Convent Garden Hotel is perfect for those visiting London for the city as much as the Olympics, though you certainly should consider allowing plenty of time to get from here to the Olympic park and it is more convenient for the events at Hyde Park and Horse Guards.

The hotel features a fantastic drawing room an ideal place to sit and relax, or look out for the many celebrities who frequent this hotel. Another highlight is the hotel’s Screening Room and Film Club for guests on Saturday nights.

With so many chain hotels around the Olympic Park site this independently owned inn is an exception. The pub on the ground floor serves good food and drink with traditional inn accommodation in the rooms upstairs, however this doesn’t mean they aren’t up to date and clean. There are only nine rooms, some with en-suites, so book fast.

A five star modern hotel by the river, this hotel has been built to serve businessmen coming to Canary Wharf including rich bankers and stock brokers and so everything is made to ooze quality; service is excellent from the Concierge to the housekeeping staff.

As for the rooms they are a good size with large windows letting in a lot of light and on the Thames side giving a fantastic view of the river. Facilities include a swimming pool, gym and excellent restaurant; the Olympic Park is a little way to the north.

  • Devonport House, Greenwich

In a great location and with free car parking Devonport House is bound to be popular during the Olympics. The building, once a Royal Naval office and part of the Greenwich naval dockyards now a World Heritage site, is in large grounds with gardens open to residents and you can feel almost like you are at a country house hotel, if it wasn’t for the towers of Canary Wharf in the distance.

All rooms are en-suite, include twin and triple rooms and unlike many business hotels in the area this hotel is very family friendly, it is regularly used for events such as weddings. The hotel is perfect for basketball at the O2 and close to the Olympic Park as well.

A little north of the Olympic Park it is a little bit of a walk or a quick bus ride to the Olympic Park from the King William IV hotel and bar.

Many people come to this hotel to trial the range of real ales in the traditional east end pub downstairs but the rooms are a real hidden gem: good sizes, clean and well kept.

  • Pilot Inn, North Greenwich

A proper Inn rather than a pub with a few rooms occasionally let out, the Pilot has gone beyond simple accommodation and offers luxurious rooms and the amenities and service you would find in a good hotel. Each room is unique with antique furnishings but up to date décor and modern en-suites.

  • The Rookery, East Central

On the edge of the City to the east before London gives way to mainly residential suburbs the Rookery is close to the Barbican and Smithfields market. Your transport problems will be less than in most central London hotels but The Rookery isn’t quite walking distance to the Olympic Park.

The 18th Century brick built hotel though is beautiful inside though with plush drawing rooms and fine wood panelling. The small courtyard garden is an ideal place for a drink before heading to your room or suite, several bedrooms have beautiful oak four posters and many rooms and suites have features such as fireplaces and snugs.

A four star and probably the best of the several chain hotels at Excel, where the boxing, wrestling and weightlifting will take place, the Crowne Plaza is also close to the main Olympic Park with good transport links, as there are a number of large hotels here expect extra transport to be put on during the Olympics too.

The Crowne Plaza has its own pleasant bar and restaurant as well as a small gym and pool and Jacuzzi. Rooms are a good size with luxurious beds and showers plus many have a good view of the Docklands and Thames.

If you are still struggling to decide between a hotel close to the Olympics or close to the other sites in London you could of course move between hotels part way through your stay but London does have good transport links from close to all of these hotels and despite some prophesising the system collapsing you should be fine if you travel outside of peak times.

I’m Dave Cousin from the UK and there’s nothing I love more than travelling the countries of Europe: from ground level ideally.

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