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Although it is certainly true that few people purchase an Iphone solely for its photography ability, few people own one for very long before they realize just how good of a camera it actually is. And while it certainly cannot replace a professional grade camera, the quality of it’s snaps can frequently compare favorably with most mid level digital cameras. But unlike a digital camera, it tends to be in your pocket wherever you go, allowing you to take snaps that you otherwise would have missed out on.

The other significant advantage of the Iphone when it comes to photography is the number of crazy cool apps that can be downloaded from Itunes and subsequently used to transform your favorite photos. Having owned an Iphone for quite a while now, I have had the pleasure of using many of it’s photography apps. Here are the nine that I consider the most useful, novel or failing that, the most fun.

Colour Splash

Color Splash

Color Splash – Source

This imaginatively named app enables indecisive photographers to compromise between taking just black and white snaps or the full colour variety. It works by simply removing all colour from a full colour photo and then allowing you to put the colour back into particular areas of the photo by touching the corresponding portion of the screen. Despite the fact that this app enables you to add this effect in a matter of seconds, the result is an incredibly artistic shot that makes you look oh so talented.



Panorama – Source

One of the complaints that many budding photographers have about the Iphones capabilities is that it does not allow you to take panoramic photos. This app enables you to go about doing so by simply taking three or four regular photos and then automatically matching them up. The result is not quite the equivalent of the Sweep Panorama function of some Sony phones but it does come pretty close.

Retro Camera

Retro Camera Shot

Retro Camera Shot – Source

While this app will probably not be all that useful to professionals out there, I am a big fan of it simply because of how simple and fun it is to use. Retro Camera simply takes a full colour photo that you have taken and allows you to add a whole host of effects to make your photo look like it was taken in the past with an analogue camera. The effects include a range of black and white, negative and sepia options but what makes this app stand out is that it also includes many other additions such as film sprockets, vignettes and classic photo grains.

Photo Artista Oil

Photo Artista Oil

Photo Artista Oil – Source

Another effect based app to make the list is Photo Artista Oil. Should you take a photo and you would like to know what it would look like as an oil painting or perhaps as a version of impressionism then this is the perfect app for you. It contains a number of features that allow you to fine tune the end result and thanks to the fact that the result can be output in full resolution, you are free to develop the result. While there are a number of other apps available that perform this function, I have found the resulting images from this app to be significantly superior.


If you are one of the many people who enjoy uploading their photos as a video slideshow on YouTube, this app makes the entire process significantly easier, as easy as three steps in fact. First you select the photos that you want to include, then you make a video of yourself introducing the photos and finally you select a song to play in the background. Combine said three steps with this apps functionality and you have a professional looking slideshow ready for upload. Another advantage of this app is that it is completely free.

Lego Photo

Lego Photo

Lego Photo – Source

As you can probably tell from the name of the app, this is another inclusion on the list that fits snuggly into the fun category. Once you take a photo, you simply click a button and said photo is rendered with LEGO blocks. This may sound pretty simple but the result is very impressive and if you are unhappy with the colour scheme, you simply need to press the button again to have a new colour scheme applied. The only problem with this app is that it can get kind of addictive.

Perfect Photo

Perfect Photo

Perfect Photo – Source

While there are many options out there competing with Photoshop for editing photos that you have taken on your Iphone, I am a big fan of Perfect Photo as it is incredibly simple and fast to use. The downside of course is said simplicity comes at the cost of a few advance features which means that it is not really a suitable alternative to the likes of Iris Photo Suite. But it does still include over twenty functions including the key editing tools such as red eye and acne removal all rolled into an interface that even a complete novice could use.



Impression – Source

Although the purpose of this app is incredibly straightforward, it has been a constant on my IPhone for a very long time now. Should you worry about people copying your photos when you upload them to the net, this app allows you to add a very simple watermark. Considering the fact that most people seem perfectly happy to copy and paste anything that is uploaded online nowadays, this watermark ensures that your photos remain yours.



Diptic – Source

This is a very simple collage generating app that allows you to quickly blend three or more photos into a montage. This app is ideal for those who enjoy uploading multiple photos to the likes of Facebook but do not require all the complicated additional features of most collage apps on the market. This app simply allows you to select a few photos and in seconds, you are left with a nice collage depicting your night out, simple but very effective.

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