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Top Travel Hacks for the Savvy Traveler

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Savvy travelers always find awesome ways to save on time, money, energy and get the best value out of their travels. Different people find different hacks useful for themselves during international travel. Here’s a list of the top hacks for international travel:

  1. Pack Smart – Packing your luggage smartly and intelligently will not only help you in travelling light hut will also help you in saving extra bucks on airline baggage charges. These excess baggage charges are exorbitantly high once the limit is breached. So instead of folding your clothes just roll them as they take up less space. A smart way to use up space is by rolling smaller pieces of clothes within bigger clothes, this way a lot of space opens up.
  2. Booking Smart – Another hack which is rarely advised and noticed is using the incognito browser window to check flight prices. This gives you the opportunity to check the latest prices without the surge after each search. Internet marketers have found that people rarely books at one go and hence they take advantage of that by increasing the price. It is called targeted marketing by companies to earn the big bucks. But you can avoid it by clearing the cache memory along with the cookies.
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    Online Check in – A wonderful tool to save valuable time at the airport which is offered free of charge by almost airline is online check in/web check in facility. Most airlines allow passengers to choose and reserve their seats and get the check in done 24 hours before departure. Some airlines allow the same facilities 48 hours before departure too. One can use this facility to choose the appropriate seats as per choice. In case two people are travelling together then it is always better to choose a window and the corresponding aisle seat. This will mean that if the middle seat is not taken you have the whole row to yourself. Alternately if the middle seat does get taken you can always switch seats after boarding. Online check in also assures that you can arrive at the airport at your convenience and board your flight. Make sure to arrive at least 90 minutes before departure as that will give you ample time to drop your bags off and do last minute shopping at the duty free stores.

  4. Perks & Discounts – Most people do not realize that their credit cards often have perks attached to international travel such as travel insurance, reward points on specific hotels, etc. Also promotional discounts are mostly available through credit cards; so make sure to have a look at the same before booking your vacation. Research is one of the best ways to save on expenses when travelling internationally.
  5. Accommodation – Visiting a new international destination is always wonderful but it also means that hotel reservation will severely dip into the pocket. Instead of staying in big brand hotels it is better and cheaper to stay in family run hotels. It will help you in learning about the place, people, culture, etc. without even flinching. Locals know the best spots to visit and it gives you a chance to explore the place without feeling like a tourist.

There are a lot of other travel hacks which can be useful but the above mentioned are the top ones as far as international travel is concerned. So start planning your next holiday and get the value out of it.

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