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Travels that Unleash Your Romantic Side

October 1, 2017

Need to rekindle some romance? What better way to be spice up your relationship than to take a trip to some of the most romantic travel destinations around the world, your options are virtually in every continent.

Paris, France


Easily the most romantic city in the world, if you’re looking for an old-world urban adventure, this is your spot. Bring along your finest clothing and you can take in a show while you in the town and explore the restaurants and other fine night life. During the day, you can enjoy travelling from one sight to the next or just nuzzle together over a small bistro table with coffee and French pastries in the middle of the day. Paris is a city rich in heritage, art and culture – you can spend months here and barely scratch the surface.

Rome, Italy


The eternal city is a goldmine of interesting places to visit both in the city and in the surrounding countryside. Stay in a local bed and breakfast and eat rich food while drinking potent Italian wines. Explore what the city has to offer on foot or on bike, and then take yourself out into the Italian countryside to see if you can find the best views in the many vineyards and rural areas just outside of the city. Take pictures and be sure to bring some of that romance home bottled up in your favorite local wine.

Aspen, Colorado


Work your way out of the cities and rent a cozy cottage or bungalow in Aspen. If you enjoy an active vacation, visit Aspen in the winter months. Bundle up in the warmest gear you have and ski or take snowmobiles out for a spin around in fresh powder. If you’d rather keep it low key, take a snowshoe hike through the winter forest and then drink some wine in front of a roaring fire or setting in together for a romantic hot tub soak to relax your sore muscles.

New York, New York


One of the most bustling cities in the world, New York never sleeps and who’d want to? You can take in some of the finest theater in the world together before taking a tour through some of the most notable restaurants in the United States. With outstanding shopping, museums, art exhibits and tourist sites, you can spend weeks here exploring with your partner in crime. There is so much to see and explore, just make sure you slow down and take a romantic walk through central park.

Cancun, Mexico


If you consider parties to be part of romance, you’re in the right spot when you come to Cancun. Have a great time at any of the all-inclusive resorts in the area and you can live it up both during the day on the white sand beaches and then enjoy your evening with plenty of drinks, music and fun. Cancun resorts have plenty to offer, but to get away you can also head out on one of the many excursions from the resorts to check out the ancient ruins and the local wildlife.

Guangxi, China


If you’ve recently seen The Painted Veil, then you already know what this area has to offer. Amazing scenery and a rural, peaceful lifestyle is everything you need to get away from it all and just relax in one of nature’s most picturesque regions. Be ready to try new things and experiment with some of the local foods as you explore the caves, pagodas and even a former royal complex. Enjoy just being calm outdoors in an area covered with lush landscapes and rugged peaks of mountains in the distance.

The Bahamas

Rio in Bahamas


Of all the island resorts in the world, the Bahamas is most likely the closest to home and it offers more in the way of variety than many other locations. In the Bahamas you’ll be able to relax on white or pink sand beaches while staring out into the crystal clear water. Walk the beach together or enjoy the fine dining offering in so many of the resorts in the area. You can walk through the city of Nassau peacefully picking up handmade souvenirs or enjoy the variety of nightlife the island offers as well. There is a great deal here to enjoy together.

Costa Rica


From stunning waterfalls to amazing, exotic landscapes, Costa Rica seems to have it all. This island makes a great romantic get-a-away, but it’s also an excellent place to feel eco friendly as well. You can stay together in a cabin near a rainforest or check out the resorts that are closer to the beach. Explore everything the island has to offer and you’ll easily spend weeks finding big jungle cats, checking out the canopy of a rain forest and standing in awe at the sight of the amazing waterfalls this country offers.


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