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How to win a Casino jackpot while traveling

It is indeed rare to leave a casino with more money than you eventually came with. Having said that, most people are not aware of the fact that casino game players actually win crazy amounts of money at some time or the other during their forays into the gaming attractions. All over the world casinos are viewed as potential money earners, with the players being targeted as scapegoats. Over the years however, things have changed. Players have unexpectedly won millions playing games both online and offline or even on the go.

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You must have heard about big winners in online slots and the media and society attention they garner. Stories about large wins always make for exciting reading in the online gambling world. People who win often wonder about their changed lifestyles and what they propose doing with their earnings. Thoughts like how they are going to invest or spend their money wisely are sure to crop up. So for once, let’s give these lucky persons a break and find out something about these winners who actually manage to crack the big casino jackpot winner while traveling.

On 23rd of April 2016, in the early hours of the morning, an astonishing piece of news was delivered to a lady by the name of Monica in Sweden. At this time while most people were still in bed, a team member from, diligently called up Monica to inform her of the Arabian Nights Jackpot worth an astounding €2,633,036 which she had unknowingly won.

Monica had been apparently playing the game for a while, so even when the five wild symbols appeared on the screen she was totally unaware of the fact that she had won a large amount of money. This was entirely due to the fact that in progressive jackpot games while a large winning amount is awarded in life changing payouts sums, the person is normally not aware of the magnitude of the prize won.

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There is no doubt that such information will motivate and inspire other players to relentlessly pursue their aims of winning big even if they have never tried their hand at online slots or even considered it before. The truth is that while Monica was blissfully unaware about the massive prize she had won, the team of was quietly preparing to congratulate Monica to apprise her of her astonishing piece of luck. is actually a one of a kind casino online gaming experience for all kinds of punters. The professional design beckons the player to have unlimited fun when you take part in their online games. This is why as soon as Monica realised that she had really won the jackpot, made all the effort to congratulate the winner and ensure that many more millionaires would be in the offing in future.

Monica has been playing at Guts for quite sometime, and we encourage you to win big as well with a cash deposit bonus to boost your chances like Monica did. Robin Reed, Managing Director at was equally vocal in his celebration for Monica and wished all other playing member players good luck.

Their customer service is top notch and the crew will be more than happy to answer every question. Being the most exciting and new online casino in the gambling world, it endeavours to provide quality and fairness in all transactions. Since all games are played through your Internet browser, no separate software needs to be installed. All you require is a device with a web browser and a good Internet connection anywhere you travel around the world.

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