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10 New Attractions in Dubai To Awe and Stupefy the World

Dubai’s got many surprises lined up to thrill, awe and stupefy the world. So why’s Dubai coming up with newer and newer projects? It’s because of the world’s appetite for the newest, tallest and fastest additions to Dubai’s portfolio. We’ve gotten accustomed to Dubai pulling out the stops to give us the best. Here are 10 new attractions in Dubai that you’re going to love to see and experience on your next trip.

1. La Perle by Dragone
La Perle by Dragone Dubai
This stupendous aquatic show is already grabbing headlines, ever since it opened in mid-2017. Located in Al Habtoor City in close proximity to the Dubai Water Canal, La Perle is Dubai’s first permanent live action stage show. The theatre will put up 450 performances a year to thrill the audiences. The theatre has a seating capacity of 1,300, and the transparent acrylic stage is filled with 2.5 million litres of water. The show is a magnificent spectacle of extreme acrobatics over water combined with dance movements and exquisite music scores to keep your heart thumping with excitement.

2. The Dubai Eye
The Dubai Eye
The Dubai Eye is nearing completion and the world is simply agog to be the first on it. Once complete, the top-most position of the Ferris wheel capsule will provide unprecedented views of the Atlantis Hotel, the Palm Jumeirah Islands, and 360 degrees all around the city and beyond. Ain Dubai can carry 1,400 passengers in its 48 transparent acrylic-walled capsules. There are plans to rent individual capsules out for parties and also have lunch and dinner services within the capsules, similar to what’s going on with the London Ferris wheel.

3. Bluewaters Island
Bluewaters Island Dubai
Bluewaters Island is a manmade island off the coast from Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR). This incredible island will have many resorts, shopping complexes, residential complexes and many entertainment options, apart from its main attraction, the Dubai Eye. The island will be connected to the mainland by direct roadway to the Sheikh Zayed Road plus the Metro. There’ll be a monorail to transport people from the entertainment zone from the metro station. There’ll also be a pedestrian bridge to the JBR beachfront.

4. Dubai Safari Park
Dubai Safari Park
Dubai Safari park will have four villages — African, Arabian, Asian and Open Safari. You can buy tickets separately for each village or an all-access ticket to enjoy them all. Dubai Safari Park is a 119-hectare area that replaces the Jumeirah Zoo, which was in operation for 50 long years. The Dubai Safari Park will house 10,000 animals, spread out among the five villages according to their place of origin. For example, all African animals will be housed in the African Safari Village.

5. Dubai Frame
Dubai Frame
The Dubai Frame is located at Zabeel Park. You can get incredible 360 degree views of the city from the sky bridge. To the front, you’ll see the bustling modern Dubai in front and the old Dubai (Bur Dubai, Deira, and the Bastiqaya Quarter) in the back. It’s a message in the form of the biggest picture frame in the world – look at the past to wonder how far we’ve come.

6. Museum Of The Future
Museum Of The Future
Want to take a trip to the year 2035 and take a peep at how technology will evolve by then? What will be the enhancements to our bodies and minds by then and what roles will we play in society and family? The Museum of the Future looks absolutely stunning, being an oval structure that’s heavier on the left side. It’s the hub of all sorts of innovations that the world hasn’t seen. How about 3D printing an entire wall? Or an entire home? Even the building’s striking oval design will be the result of 3D printing.

7. Dubai Crocodile Park
Dubai Crocodile Park will be located close to the Dubai Safari Park and will house hundreds of crocodiles. The objective is to house the crocodiles in their natural habitat so that they will reproduce naturally and thrive. Crocodiles and alligators are being hunted worldwide for their skin which makes wonderful bags and belts. This project is to ensure their continued survival and also serve as a tourist and educational destination. The park will house the largest freshwater species in the world – Nile crocodiles. The park will open in 2018. The crocodile park will be one of the most exciting and the newest attractions in Dubai.

8. Cityland Mall
Cityland Mall
Cityland Mall will have a ginormous garden to beat the Miracle Gardens right in the middle of the mall complex. The gardens will provide the much-needed fresh air and a lively change from the bustling mall when it’s completed. The Cityland Mall is being developed by the same people behind Dubai Miracle Garden and Dubai Butterfly Garden. It’s the world’s first nature-inspired mall and will be open in 2018.

9. Aladdin City
Aladdin City
Aladdin City is coming up in the middle of Dubai Creek area, featuring three towers, including hotel space and commercial areas. The entire area of the project is 450 metres. Aladdin City will have air-conditioned bridges with moving floors to connect the towers, driveways and parking lots. It’s a sort of a magical city with moving bridges and floors, more Harry Potter than Aladdin, but it’s magic all right.

10. Dubai Water Canal
Dubai Water Canal
The Dubai Water Canal project is an ambitious USD $545 million that incorporates a strip mall, four hotels and 450 eateries. There are a number of walking paths, boardwalks and cycling paths around the entire complex. The canal measures six meters deep with several bridges over the canal for pedestrians. These bridges are high enough for huge yachts and marine craft to pass underneath.

Dubai is going to be even more exciting in the coming year and there are more projects in the pipeline. Be sure to check out the ones on our list in your future trips. Keep an eye on upcoming projects in Dubai and make sure your trip includes the ones you want to enjoy. Apart from the items in our list, there’s the Mall of the World which is under construction still, and the Deira Islands with the Deira Night Souq that will be completed in late 2018.