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The Earth may be a huge place, but the world is shrinking around us. Why not Explore the Globe With Our Travel Guides.

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Explore the Globe With Our Travel Guides

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Never before have we been so able to move between countries, regions of the world and to experience all that the various cultures and societies can offer.

Traveling across the globe brings is certainly exciting and fulfilling, but the richness of travel is hugely beneficial in other ways as well – new languages, new social understandings and next experiences make international travel one of the best ways to enhance your personal life, your spirit and even your career.

Among the many destinations on the planet, you can be assured that there is always somewhere and something new to explore and enjoy.

North America Travel Guide

United States of America Travel Guide

Comprised of the United States of America, Canada and Mexico, North America is a collection of fun family destinations, impressive natural structures and easily the best theme parks on the planet. Travel to North America to experience the beach resorts of Mexico or perhaps visit the original Disney Land with your family. Adventure and the spirit of discovery is at the heart of North America and visitors embrace this pioneer spirit as easily as the natives.

Tour the Pacific Northwest where ancient trees grow as tall as skyscrapers or enjoy the thrill of nightlife in cities like New York and Miami. Every corner of North America holds a different experience and adventure – the Wild West, Rocky Mountains, Broadway and the magic of Hollywood beckon to natives and visitors alike.

Central America Travel Guide

The brilliance of the rainforest and the natural wonders of Central America call out to even the most hesitant explorer. From white sand beaches to dense rainforests, the tiny area of Central America has more to offer visitors than you might suspect just by looking at the area on a map.

Water sports are hugely popular in Central America as countries like Belize, Costa Rica and Honduras have beautiful beaches and impressive coral reefs as well making diving and snorkeling popular pastimes. The amazing scenery, the ancient Mayan ruins and the colonial cities dating back to 16th and 17th century explorers are simply stunning as well.

South America Travel Guide

If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary take a trip to South America. This collection of thirteen countries makes the choice of where to start exploring as interesting as the scenery and culture. You might choose to start your trip through South American in the snowy Andes Mountains or perhaps relaxing on a stunning beach complete with clear blue waters and white sandy beaches.

South America is home to Brazil and the famous Carnival as well as Buenos Aires and the sultry salsa dancing you’d associate with Argentina. The spirit of the people of South America is impossible to ignore, and the easy way of life and passion for adventure and fun is simply too tempting to pass up.

Middle East Asia Travel Guide

The birthplace of the modern world is located in the heart of the Middle East. Middle East Asia is the place of legends – it is where Christianity, Judaism and Islamic beliefs all began and where you’ll find priceless treasures and artifacts of the ancient history that is experienced in every step through countries like Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Libya.

Visit the Great Pyramids of Egypt or the ruins of epic cities near Baghdad, Jerusalem and Istanbul. As you sit in the courtyards of timeless cities you can watch history blend with modern innovation all around you. Dedicated global travelers would never fail to see the beauty and amazing culture that the Middle East offers to visitors.

Central Asia Travel Guide

Located in the center of the Asian continent, the region of Central Asia is especially notable for the similarities in the names of the seven countries that call it home. Central Asia is home to the “stans” including Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. While Afghanistan may not be highly sought after by tourists due to ongoing war in the nation, the other countries are truly stunning and highly sought after by tourists ready to see something beyond beaches and modern cities.

The region of Central Asia is rugged, beautiful and certainly not crowded. The people of these nations are primarily nomadic. This region includes everything from deserts to seascapes along the Caspian Sea. Travel across the steppe or marvel at the scenery of the arid mountains. Fertile valleys rich with Persian history and artifacts compete with the complex politics of the regions at times.

Indian Sub Continent Travel Guide

The Indian Sub Continent may have once been a free moving landmass of its own accord, but today, this region of the world is home to a collection of intriguing scenery, engaging locals and ancient history and artifacts. The steep Himalaya mountains separate the Indian Sub Continent from the rest of Asia, and provide a stunning backdrop for all that this region has to offer to visitors.

As you tour the Sub Continent you’ll find more than India. While the country of India dominates the land here, it is in good company with Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh as well. The culture of these countries is truly distinct and outrageously inviting as well. Sample some of the world’s most delicious food in India while enjoying one of the many festivals before moving on to the monasteries of the mountains and elephants and temples near the ocean waters.

Far East Asia Travel Guide

Once you step foot in Asia you’ll have a hard time determining where to look – the steep mountains of Mongolia and the Great Wall of China blend with the ancient temples and shrines to create an environment rich in culture and deep, millennial old history. But in the same glance you’ll see the futuristic skylines of cities like Hong Kong and Tokyo competing for your interest and time.

The history and artifacts of Far East Asia stretch back thousands of years, making the hills, towns and valleys a joy to explore. This is a place of peace and serenity, but not far from the lush rice paddies are the cities with intense night light, exciting innovations are global hubs ready to welcome tourists for an experience they will truly never forget.

Africa Travel Guide

The dense, raw natural elements of Africa make this a heavily sought after tourist destination. In a large continent, there is truly something for every taste to be found. The modern conveniences and natural wonders of South Africa blend with the deserts and savannahs to make Africa a place of adventure, comfort and warm-hearted people.

The continent of Africa includes remote lakes, impressive river tours and the cities made famous in films including Casablanca, Dahab and Hammamet. Explore the sights of the Red Sea or take in the villages and wildlife of central Africa on a safari. Travel the Nile and take in crocodiles, hippos and the occasional lion that embrace the wilds of Africa that call to so many world travelers.

Europe Travel Guide

UK Travel Guide

One of the most heavily sought after tourist destinations, Europe is heavy on culture and history while embracing the modern traveler with delicious foods, thrilling entertainment and plenty of fantastic shopping. Europe is home to a great number of countries that are all popular with tourists – Great Britain, France, Germany and Spain are among the most popular destinations.

But Europe contains so much more than just these, the most popular cities. Travel to Greece to see the birthplace of democracy or perhaps Rome where the ancient ruins spread far beyond its borders. Seek out ancient history in Turkey and Venice or see more modern history in Poland and Berlin. When you’ve had your fill of history, Europe still has so much to offer with modern fashions of Paris and Milan and cutting edge art and music in almost any town you visit.

Australia Travel Guide

A large landmass that is both a continent and a country, Australia is unique is so many ways. No matter which way you turn in Australia there is something to see and explore. The continent is home to some of the best diving and surfing in the world as well as some of the most impressive modern cities and wild life preserves.

Cities like Sydney and Melbourne are known world-wide for the collection of music, fashion and fun that they contain. But not far from any major city is the bush, or wilderness of Australia. Take a (long) drive along one of the many roads that cuts across the country so that you can see the wild open spaces, the kangaroos and perhaps even the crocodiles that have made this space so well-known and unique.

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