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The 5 Best Places In Mexico To Go Standup Paddle Boarding

Ever Thought about Standup Paddle Boarding in Mexico?

Land of white sand, blue water, and golden Tequila. A Heaven for culture-vultures and a veritable paradise for beach-bums and water sports lovers. Especially those that love standup paddle boarding. Mexico is a short plane ride from the United States. Within hours you can either be on the pristine beaches of Cabo San Lucas to the warm waters of Acapulco.

Mexico has become a magnet for those seeking adventure, activity and a little slice of paradise all rolled into one. With Stand-Up Paddle-boarding booming in popularity, it was never going to be long before the silver sands of Mexico made their way onto the world SUP scene!

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For all you SUP lovers and SUP wannabes. We will share some of the best places in Mexico to get out your SUP board and enjoy the warm blue ocean water and beaches.

1. Cabo San Lucas – or just Cabo – Is located on the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula. It has long been known for its incredible coastline, pristine beaches, and awesome diving. With such an incredible marine landscape to explore, a stand-up paddle-board is the obvious choice for those looking to get out and explore.

From the Playa del Amor to Pelican Rock, many of the areas main attractions are but a short paddle away. With amazing street food stands popping up in the evening and a great nightlife scene, you have all you need on the doorstep after a hard day’s paddling!

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Whilst a long-time favorite of visitors to Mexico, Acapulco has seen a boom in stand-up paddle boarding and visitors seek out new ways to experience this incredible coastline. The advantage of being in a developed location such as Acapulco is that there are trips to suit everyone from absolute beginners to seasoned pros.

Why not take a snorkel mask along with you whilst exploring the regions hidden beaches, and experience first-hand the stunning range of marine life that inhabits these crystal waters?

2. Puerta Vallarta- escape the crowds and connect with nature in its most beautiful habitat. Grab your board, amigo, and head out to Los Arcos marine park. These towering rocks rise almost vertically out of the water, creating a fascinating landscape which makes for perfect-paddling territory. Better still, the islands are the protected habitat of some of Mexico’s most exciting bird life, so who knows what winged companions will join you on your epic journey!

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3 & 4- El Coral and El Cangrejo are a protected area some 3km from Guayabitos beach. This small, charming town is a great staging post for some serious water-based adventures, followed by a healthy dose of post-paddle culture. Care to share your waves with Turtles, Mantra Rays and Starfish?

Then look no further than these idyllic islands with their golden beaches and lush vegetation. Better yet, grab a mask and take a dip beneath the waves to experience first-hand the exceptional coral reefs that are scattered around the Guayabitos coastline.


5. Valle De Bravo- The main attraction in town is the Boardwalk and Dock, on the edge of Lake Avandaro.  Here you will find a number of restaurants that float alongside the dock or on the boardwalk. There are places you can rent standup paddle boards for excursions on the lake. Navigating your SUP board through the lake. You will enjoy and admire a totally natural environment with beautiful scenery.

Valle De Bravo Standup Paddle BoardPhoto Credit: Standup Mex

This is, of course, just the very tip of the iceberg when it comes to Mexico’s SUP scene. With over 10,000 km of outstanding coastline stretching from the Pacific Ocean to the Caribbean Sea, there are literally hundreds of coves, bays and beaches waiting to be explored. And thanks to Mexico’s excellent and ever improving infrastructure, you can be sure that a paddle-board is never too far away!

If you have other places in Mexico that you know are good for standup-paddleboarding. Please comment below.

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