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5 Destinations to Visit in Europe if you win the Lottery

September 21, 2017

As a regular lottery buyer, you are sure to get lucky someday. Just imagine yourself hitting the jackpot and suddenly find yourself a millionaire or a billionaire! Why not make some planning beforehand as to what you would do with so much money. How about pampering yourself with a great holiday in Europe after winning a lottery? Well, you have indeed made the right choice if you are planning a holiday in the wide continent of Europe.


milan visitStart your trip with Milan, a great city loaded with many attractions. It is an expensive city to holiday in, but you should not worry about your finances once you win the lottery.  Here you will have endless options when looking for luxury hotels, expensive restaurants, and rooftop bars. Enjoy exploring the city in Ferraris and Lamborghinis and shop at Via Sant’Andrea, Via Montenapoleone and Via Della Spiga, once you have seen numerous museums, famous monuments and Gothic cathedrals and churches.


Do include a visit to the capital city of the Netherlands and explore its main attractions. Van Gogh museum is a must see. Amsterdam is a charming and delightful city to be in where you will come across incredible waterways, pretty bridges and trams. There is no shortage of excellent restaurants to get a varied gastronomic experience. Enjoy dining at the Dutch brown café or a luxurious grand café in the Dutch capital that boasts of more art masterpieces than any other capital city.


Millions of visitors visit the U.K. capital each year and walk on its historic cobblestone streets and get a taste of the best of world’s culture. The capital city is teeming with music, fashion, history, and politics. Enjoy first-rate concerts and operas and explore Albert Hall or the Barbican Arts Centre, and not to miss the Kensington’s museum or the Natural History Museum and Albert Museum. Lose yourself to Kensington Gardens and stay in some of the best luxury hotels for a rejuvenating stay.


The Danish capital is being noted for offering top quality of life and is a popular holiday destination among the rich. This capital city is a governmental and financial center which is ranked as the third richest city in the world. Explore iconic colorful buildings and dine at top restaurants and awesome bars. Hire small fishing boats and do not forget to buy the famous Danish pastry from one of many fine bakeries in Copenhagen.


Why not visit the romantic capital of France that is loaded with famous tourist attractions such as the Louvre, Disneyland Paris and of course the Eiffel Tower. Paris is famous for its luxurious offers, and if you feel like, you could stay in one of the palaces that would make you feel like royalty. Plan a luxury vacation here under guided and private torus toe explore and understand the city. Paris is home to some top-notch spas and some of the finest restaurants in the world. No luxury holiday in Paris is complete without h a spa treatment or enjoying a sumptuous meal at one of these legendary French restaurants meal at one of these establishments. Every year, the legendary French company Michelin publishes a restaurant guide awarding stars to those deemed the best fro


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