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5 Places You Must See In South India

February 2, 2018

South India is one of the overlooked yet beautiful regions of the country. The economic opportunities are mostly located in the North and middle, but South India is the part that has natural beauty.

If you’re looking to backpack across India, then you should check out these destinations. In this region of India, there’s less population density and better weather. There’s no extreme heat in the summer or extreme cold in the winter, the weather remains pleasant throughout the year.

Here are 5 places you must see in South India:

Gokarna, Karnataka

Gokarna is a small temple town located in the state of Karnataka. It’s known for being an important centers for Hindus to visit and worship.

Because of the laid-lack and peaceful nature of the place, it’s a popular tourist destination. You can stay in small, simple houses, enjoy the greenery, and take a walk by the sea. It’s admired for its natural beauty and spiritual significance.

Dandeli, Karnataka

Are you feeling a bit adventurous? Then go boating or trekking in the small town of Dandeli. It’s a very popular place for travelers who are active. The rugged nature and the turbulent water make this a great place to go boating. Make sure to bring along some friends with you.



Pondicherry is a well-known city in the South. So what is it most known for, and what makes it a great tourist destination?

It’s a treat for people who are interested in history. There is a lot of colonial architecture and lots of religious buildings. You can also take a quiet walk by the beaches, which are plenty. Pondicherry is one of the most beautiful cities in the country.


Munnar, Kerala

You have not experienced true beauty until you’ve visited Munnar. Kerala is known as God’s own country, and Munnar is the hill station in Kerala where people go to the most.

This is the perfect romantic destination. Lots of couples spend their honeymoon on a hill station like Munnar. You can also bring your family there for a fun get-together.


Bandipur National Park

Bandipur National Park is located in Karnataka. If you noticed, this is the 3rd time I’ve mentioned Karnataka. It is one of the most beautiful states in the country, and a hot bed for tourism.

This park protects a wide variety of wildlife and there is also a rich amount of greenery. It’s most known for the tigers, flora, and fauna. It’s a fascinating look at Indian wildlife.

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