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5 Reasons Why Kerala is God’s Own Country

Kerala, located in the south western region of India, is one of the most beautiful places in the world. With its lush green scenery and heaven like beaches, it is rightly known as God’s own country. It never fails to mesmerize the many tourists that visit this paradise. It is so rich in culture as well as flora and fauna.

Plan your next trip to Kerala for an enchanting and a wonderful experience. Before visiting this beautiful place and booking the right Kerala Tour Packages, you should know why Kerala is known as God’s own country.

Here are five reasons why Kerala is known as God’s own country.

  1. Mesmerizing Beaches

The heaven like beaches of Kerala attracts many tourists throughout the year. The picturesque beauty and the crystal clear water of the beaches mesmerize the visitors and leave them in awe. Kovalam, Varkala, Kappad, Payyambalam are some of the beaches that you must visit and enjoy the nature at its best. The beautiful beaches of Kerala make you fall in love with this place. The beaches make Kerala God’s own country.

  1. Delicious food

Other than its scenic beauty and beautiful beaches, the food in Kerala is also quite delicious that will leave a lingering taste in your mouth. The unique way of cooking seafood in coconut gravy is not something that you can have any time or anywhere. The lip smacking south Indian cuisine makes Kerala the perfect destination for a vacation. Visit Kerala and see for yourself.

  1. The amazing Wildlife

Kerala is full of flora and fauna and is a home to a number of species. There are many wildlife sanctuaries and national parks like the Periyar National Tiger Park that contributes a lot to preserve the natural habitat of these animals. Visit these parks to experience the wild side of life for an adventurous day.

  1. Ayurvedic treatment

Kerala is famous for its ayurvedic treatments and rejuvenation therapies that just take you to another world. The ashrams in Kerala provides for meditation and yoga sessions that take you back to the old times and makes you enjoy the simple things in life.

  1. Age old Traditions

Kerala has managed to preserve its age old traditions like one of the various forms of martial arts known as ‘Kalaripayattu.’ It is rich in culture, and you can observe the richness of their culture in their traditions and various dance forms, ayurveda, sports and much more.

The Thrissur Pooram festival which has been celebrated since 200 years at the Vadakkunnathan Temple is very famous all around India. It is celebrated for a long 36 hours with great enthusiasm and zeal. The festival begins with prayers followed by beautiful and enchanting fireworks.

Kerala, known as God’s own country, is amongst the most beautiful places in the world and feels like a paradise. However, one may see this tagline “God’s own country” as just a way of increasing revenue through the way of tourism. But the beauty and the breathtaking nature of Kerala is enough reason to be known as God’s own home.

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