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Our 5 Top Travel Tips for Prague

These are our top 5 Tourist Tips For Prague: We’re here to help take the stress out of your trip to Prague, with our top tourist travel tips. Through first hand visits to Prague we have learned a a few things that you just need to know a head of time. You can thank us later for our top 5 tourist tips for visiting Prague.


It’s always been a well known fact that taxi drivers in Prague are notoriously bad for overcharging! We urge you to always avoid the urge to wave a cab on the street, especially those parked around train or bus stations. We would recommend that you ask about the price in advance, but again due to some language barriers this can also cause confusion. We prefer to use Uber, as your fare is set before you even get in the car, and it gives you an approximate time of arrival.


Like most other European cities, it is essential that you validate your tickets before jumping on public transport, if not it can result in some pretty hefty fines. We encourage you to use the public transportation system in Prague, it is nothing short of amazing. Trams, subways, and buses can take you absolutely anywhere and they are cheap, fast, safe, and reliable. You can get tickets at any tobacco shop or newspaper stand, or in subway stops. But remember to VALIDATE!


The Prague Castle, Charles Bridge and the Old Town Square – are not fun in the middle of the day during the high season, unless you love to share your personal space with thousands, and yes we mean thousands of strangers. Our rule of thumb is: visit the main sights early in the morning or late at night. For the rest of the day, go elsewhere. Trust us: there is nothing better than watching the sunrise over the Charles bridge or the sunset over the Castle. Take our word for it!


You will find that almost every single guide that you read about Prague says that the Astronomical Clock is a must see to put on your list. And yeah sure they would be right to say so, it really is a wonder to look at, a real masterpiece. But what they don’t tell you is that the cuckoo is only fifteen seconds of the hourly “show”. And you have to ask yourself if its really worth the wait in the midst of a huge crowd? We would say Yes, if you are in the area. But rushing for it all over the city? Trust us, you will ask: “Is that it?!?” afterwards. Again, if you can’t leave Prague without seeing it, do it in the morning.


Don’t underestimate the power of weather. Prague is hilly so while you may be fine down in the Old Town, it can get pretty windy at the Prague Castle. Also, weather can change dramatically within minutes. Finally, please do your feet and legs a favor and wear comfortable shoes. The streets in the city center are mostly cobble stoned, which means high heels are a big no-no.

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