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A City Surrounded by Seven Mountains

Bergen, a city surrounded by seven mountains  is known as the “gateway to the fjords”, long and narrow sea inlets bordered by steep cliffs that were formed through several ice ages.   Bergen is the second largest city in Norway with only 270.000 inhabitants.  A small town with a big atmosphere, here are the highlights of my trip.


Sognefjord Tour


The “Sognefjord tour” is must do.   The tour takes you through Sognefjord, the longest and deepest Fjord in Norway and shows you through a  vast amount of Norway in just one day.  Starts with a cruise from Bergen and goes through the town of Flam, a 3 hour train ride back on the famous train journey with stunning lakes and mountains. The full journey is from Oslo to Flam and takes 7 hours.


Climb Mt Ulriken 643


Mt Ulriken was recommended by a local and was the best. It has an altitude of 643 meters above sea level. It also has a cable car that allows you to get to the top of the mountain if you don’t want the hike. Make sure to use the Bergen card for a 10% off the cable car.

The climb up the mountain takes about 1 hour if you are on the right trail.  At the top of the mountain, there is a restaurant and a great place to get a drink after your hike.




Kayaking in the Fjords or sea kayaking is an experience you wont soon forget, all with breathtaking views, I highly recommend you do one.  The tour I did was “Kayaking the Hereford” just outside Bergen about 45 minutes drive. It offers a pick up from Bergen and a drop off, for £92.  The tour also offers lunch and 4 hours in the kayaks which is plenty.


The Fløibanen, Mt Floyen

A great place to get a picture of the town.  You also get half price on the Fleibanen with a Bergen card.

The mountain has a viewing platform to take your pics, and you’ll get to see some goats on your way up.   My advice is to go up really early or really late for the sunset.  I went at 3pm and the viewing platform was very busy and waiting for a ride down the Fleibanen was long.


Strolling the streets


The first thing that you should do in any town you visits for the first time is to just stroll the streets to get an impression of the city/town.  Bergen’s old town that is quintessentially charming and serene.

Bring a jumper with you as Bergen can be hot and then cold in an instant.  Also, bring comfortable shoes as Bergen is a very hilly place with magnificent views you’ll want to see.


Visit Bergen’s Fish Mart In the old Market Square

It is the biggest fish market in Norway,  right in the city center by the harbour.  It is a wonderful place surrounded by colourful wooden houses. The market is great for enjoying the local culture, pleasant atmosphere and of-course delicious seafood.



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