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A Comprehensive Guide On Anguilla

Anguilla lies in the Caribbean, east of Puerto Rico and is a British overseas territory. The main island of Anguilla is the island’s capital and has just about everything you need from a Caribbean island. There are beautiful white scenic beaches and bays to explore. Laze around among the palm trees and gentle breezes in a slow and laid-back atmosphere of the island. Anguilla is sure to floor you with its scenic coral reefs plus the abundance of outdoor activities such as paddle boarding and kitesurfing.

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When to go to Anguilla
At Anguilla, the holiday rush starts from December and lasts until January. You can head for the island during March when the rush finally starts to go down, and can have those marvelous beaches all to yourselves. The costs of the holidays here further drop during July to August. However, do no linger on beyond that as although prices drop to reasonable levels, the humidity rises. Rainfalls are the heaviest from October to December and lighter during February to April. The high season starts from around mid-December and goes on until mid-April. Explore leading hotels and resorts at http://www.anguillaresorts.com for a memorable and comfortable stay.

Passports, Visas ad Currency
As a tourist, you must carry a valid ID like your passport. There is no need of any Visas for most nationalities except for citizens of South American, African and Soviet countries. The passport must declare the departing date. The local currency of Anguilla is EC$ or the Eastern Caribbean dollar. However, you will come across the US dollar commonly used. There are international banks located in the Valley of Anguilla and they all have ATMs. So, dispensing US and EC dollars should not be a problem. As most restaurant bills integrate a service charge of 15%, there is no need to make any further tipping.


Getting around Anguilla
As there is no public transport in Anguilla, the only option is car rentals for local driving. One can get the local driver’s license for US$20. The driving in Anguilla is on the left-hand side of the road, but it can be confusing as the steering wheels can be either on the right side or the left side. There are different taxi zones and depending on how many zones you travel; you need to pay the costs and the surcharges. Surcharges apply for car rentals after 6 pm as well as for more than two persons. The drivers accept only US dollars for payments. Get a temporary Anguillan driver’s license that is issued by the car-rental companies in the form of a small pink paper. There are standardized. Taxis are easily accessible at the airport and their fares are regulated across the island.

You should know about Princess Alexandra Hospital, the small hospital of the valley, in a case of an emergency. Take care of your health and where you eat from and use bottled water for drinking as most of the water on the island is collected in cisterns.

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