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Costa Rica – A Paradise on Earth

Costa Rica is endowed with so much natural beauty, ranging from great volcanoes, rich rain forests, beautiful river valleys and miles of lovely beaches along both the Pacific and Caribbean coasts, that a visit there, as a travel destination  is an an intense experience. Having more than 500,000 plant and animal species representing a healthy 4% of the total  world’s biodiversity, Costa Rica today is the planets most biologically dense country and often referred to as the Switzerland of Central America.

The width of the country between the two coastlines is around 200 miles and takes around three hours to traverse by road, making travel here swift and easy. You can actually wake up in a vibrant city one fine morning, spend the afternoon on the beach and fall asleep in a jungle camp. It offers, within this narrow area, an array of breathtaking landscapes and pleasant climes, making Costa Rica  a  true  paradise destination. A country with no Army for close to 75 years now, Costa Rica is considered the only place on earth where the people have the time,freedom and permission to truly  live life to the full. The warmhearted  locals, known as Ticos, are very proud of their beautiful country and the ability which allows their guests to simply  relax and enjoy their special  moments.

Rio Celeste Falls

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The Caribbean part of the country is particularly popular for its white and black sand beaches affording various activities like snorkeling, fishing etc. It’s advisable to book your very own private Fishing Charters. The Pacific coast is well known for its big tourist centers and the beaches for surfing. One fourth of the country is made up of protected forest, vastly rich in wildlife, while the rest is rugged rain forest area. This main competitive advantage of a well established eco system has made it a very popular travel destination. San Jose,the Capital, is situated with the Talamanca mountains to the south and the  very much active volcanoes to the north, that can still be visited with  comparative safety. The city displays typical Spanish architecture, like the Pre-Columbian Gold Mueseum, housing thousands of precious artifacts. It has historically been conflict free,unlike the neighboring countries ,thus resulting in being a peaceful and stable nation.

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Costa Rica is an ideal vacation getaway,especially for nature lovers,with its abundant variety of flora and fauna and misty rain forests covering the mountain sides. In addition to the scenic beauty, the country has an efficient infrastructure with world class service. The strategic location in the heart of the Western Hemisphere and the positive attitude of the Government towards quality and cost as far as tourism is concerned makes Costa Rica an ideal commercial investment proposition. So whether you are seeking for a family vacation,a romantic honeymoon in a secluded hotel or a an adrenaline filled adventure this is just the place to be. The sheer diversity of environments will never cease to amaze you, making the country  immensely popular with expatriates who long to retire there just because of the pure celebration of life that  Costa Rica is.

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