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What to Eat in the Philippines: a Guide to Cheap Food

If you were deciding on the next travel destination and the choice fell on the Philippines, you should get some background information in order not to miss the important things. First of all, choose the island where you want to spend your vacation or romantic getaway. If it’s going to be a purely beach holiday, think what kind of beach would be right for you – well-equipped (with all facilities) or secluded and deserted. Secondly, you should jot down a list of attractions you must visit during your stay. Finally, you should get a general idea of the local food. Lately, many travelers set out on a trip not in searches of new places and adventures but to get new gastronomic experiences. The Philippines is the place that offers a lot of local delicacies at low prices. This fact will probably make you pack your suitcases even with bigger enthusiasm.

Here are some meal ideas that will never harm your travel budget but satisfy your gastronomic curiosity.


This is the price for a coconut bun in Siargao Island, which is a paradise for surfers, by the way. You’ll effusively tell your friends about the aroma and taste of Pan de Coca. If you like how coconuts taste and smell, then Pan de Coco is for you. These buns are stuffed with coconut meat and baked on the dried coconut carbons. They are baked this way near the village of General Luna – the flavor on the street is mouth-watering. Today, the coconut buns can be found in any Philipino bakery.



A cup of home-maid peanut butter that can be purchased at the open markets and in some local shops costs around 20 cents. The recipe is classic, the only thing that distinguishes it from the peanut butter sold in regular supermarkets is the absence of any kinds of preservatives, thickeners, and other “E”s (the difference between Russian vs American girls is basically the same). Apart from this, it has a nice consistence. Spread a coconut bun with it and go straight to the gourmet’s heaven.



You can buy a kilo of mangos for 2 dollars. How to flirt with Russian girl or any other girl you might be traveling with? Just buy her mangos, a lot of mangos. In Siargao, for example, a mango season lasts all the year round and the local kind of mango has special honey sweetness. It’s tasty when eaten fresh and as a smoothie or as a part of a milk shake. It is also added to the local variation of chicken curry.



This is the price for a hearty dinner at a street café. As the sun goes down, the streets become filled with the smell of the grill. Dining at street cafés can’t be called luxurious, but you can feel the authentic atmosphere enjoying your meal in the open air listening to the rustle of palms.


This is an average bill in a café for tourists.  You are recommended to try some local dishes, for example, chicken curry with coconut milk and mango. Also, shakshuka is a must. This dish consists of eggs fried in tomato sauce and is served with a toast and a slice of mango. Shakshuka is of Tunisian origin but it’s cooked perfectly in the Philippines.



When it comes to unforgettable experiences, then trying a sea-urchin is one of them. It can’t be called the most nourishing delicacy but your taste buds will be surprised. One of the weirdest foods to try in the Philippines is balut, a boiled duck egg with a 17-day embryo.


Alcohol is very cheap here. The thing is there are no import taxes on alcohol that is why a bottle of good whiskey is cheaper than in a Duty-Free shop. Since the Philippines is a big rum producer in Asia, caramel rum is almost free here and costs less than a bottle of potable water. It’s a great idea to buy a bottle of local rum for a keepsake.

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