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Hidden Treasures – The Less Explored Places in Melbourne

November 14, 2017

The moment you decide to visit Melbourne and do some research online names such as National Gallery of Victoria, Southbank, Melbourne Museum and Royal Exhibition Building, Federation Square etc. come up on your list. But there are more to this amazing city than these popular places. There are hidden gems scattered all around the city. It showcases the culture and gives a glimpse of the bygone era. We often recommend these lesser explored places to our guests. If you want to walk the less explored path and capture frames of some hidden paradises in the city here are a few places you can visit.

The Haunted Bookshop

There are bookshops dedicated to different tastes and likings but you won’t easily come across one like The Haunted Bookshop. Located on the Mackillop Street, it has a quite creepy feel to it. If you are looking for some rare Occult books or those on Black Magic and Witchcraft you aren’t likely to walk out disappointed.

Limelight Department

You may not have heard about this place. It would surprise you to know that it is one of the oldest film studios in the world. Run by the Salvation Army it produced over 300 movies during its heydays for its faithful. The first decade of the 20th Later leaders of the Salvation Army didn’t see merit in making movies and the studio’s glory days were short. Today it is a mecca for any film lover. You can catch glimpse of the earliest technology used in movie making.

Mailbox Art Space

Mailbox Art Space

Credit: Mailboxartspace.com.au

Popularly known as Mailbox 141, it is one of the hidden gems of the city. Why must you visit this place? You are unlikely to come across something similar even if you are a globetrotter. Located on the Flinders Lane it is the smallest art gallery in the city but one that gives space to new artists. The row of glass-fronted letterboxes does create a unique exhibition feel that would leave you mesmerised.


Credit: warrandytedonvalerotary.org.au

If you wish to experience Melbourne’s 18th century Gold Rush from up-close you must be in this sleepy town in the city’s suburbs. The small community has well-preserved its architectural past where you can also catch glimpse of some of the abandoned mines. The sight of the Yarra River that runs across the town presents quite breathtaking scenery to be captured in your camera.

Herring Island

credit: weekendnotes.com

Three kilometres south of the city centre the Herring Island is another place that is worth exploring. It may take you some time even to believe the fact that this is an artificial island that was formed when a channel was cut through an old quarry. It doesn’t receive too many visitors but those who do make it here are bowled over by its beauty.

Rutledge Lane

Street art is gaining popularity the world over but here in this calm and serene atmosphere. It has reached a certain level of maturity. You may have seen graffiti elsewhere but you won’t find a surface on the street that hasn’t been turned into a canvas. On a good day, you may even spot an artist at work as change is the only constant here.


We have seen nature’s trails and art galleries. What if you want to taste good food in the unique setting. You need to be at the Easey’s located on Easey Street where distinctive ambience awaits you. It’s a rooftop bar and restaurant that has been made out of old railway carriages. Bold and yet outrageous architectural design, it is one place you would remember for a long time.

You won’t find too many recommendations for these places during your Internet research and this is why they would give you a glimpse of Melbourne very few people see. As for the famous locales, staying with us you will find it extremely easy to explore. We are located in Southbank and offer luxury serviced apartments you the rare package of staying in the city centre at the same time within a quintessential Melbournian community. With accommodation for every taste and budget, we offer you an unmatched experience. Pack your bags and you are all set to treasure exploring these hidden gems in Melbourne.

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