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Little Known Secrets of Corfu Greece

November 10, 2017

If you venture to Corfu, Greek island in the Ionian sea, you’ll be reeled in with the clear seas, sandy beaches, and breathtaking sunsets. Don’t be surprised if you leave saying this spot is your summertime favorite. What makes Corfu so magical and beautiful anyway? Besides the fortresses rising above blue seas, monasteries in bougainvillea, and pressed olive scent.

corfu city view

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Take a step into the history

Holidaymakers wander throughout Corfu Town, hyped up on sunshine, while almost like in a trance. If you go into katounia, you will instantly surround yourself with beautiful Venetian buildings. Although these alley shops have handbags, miniature liquor bottles, and jewelry, the shops used to be just a commercial hub in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Although Corfu Town is quite the tourist attraction, it’s important to learn about the history of the island. Behind the raffish architecture you will find the Corfu history of battlefields and gunpowder. With the Venetian in control, it allowed the island to enhance. Unfortunately, it didn’t stop the Ottomans from launching repetitive attacks.


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You can’t visit without tasting the Corfu savory flavors

Engage in souvlaki and feta islands while in Corfu. You won’t want to miss the enticing and delectable Corfiot cuisine. Greek and Italian influences are the main reasons you can enjoy dishes like bourdeto, which is scorpion fish step and sofrito, which is slowly cooked veal in wine with chopped garlic and parsley. Olive trees are commonly found on Corfu since the Venetian times. To find the best pressed oil, you must visit Governor, located in AgiosMatheos village, found on the slopes of Mt. Gamilios. You can’t find one tree in the unruly forest that is less than one century old.

In the 1860s, kumquats were introduced to Corfu, which came from the Middle East. These thumb-sized citrus fruits were known to provide flavor for candied fruit and neon liquor found among the island.


Find your very own island escape

Several frazzled Athenians dream of a life of nature and slow food on Corfu. Panagiotis set up a shop in the small Vatos village, and he knew only a bit about bees at the time. However, the prospect living in Corfu’s buzzing meadows full of wildflowers, while producing honey was a strong urge to continue.

Old Perithia is the well-known enchanting village of the island. There may be a ghost town label, but it’s not highly accurate – You will, however, notice Venetian houses that are abandoned, as well as moss covered stone arches.


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Embrace nature with a hike

For the most beneficial way to adjust to the languid pace of Corfu, walking is the best option, and it’s ideal to find the beaches that aren’t too crowded. For example, if you find yourself in Kavos, you can take a 40-minute nature hike walk, which will lead you to the Arkoudilas Beach. You can find the locals putting mud on their skin, catching some sunrays, and then rinsing off in the sea – Try this and you’ll soon find why the locals love this beach.

If you venture off towards the west, you will find more shores which are great for catching a quick, peaceful nap right on your beach towel. Combine hiking to different locations with such gorgeous views, and you will have yourself an adventurous sight-seeing adventure.

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