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How to rent a Luxury car in Europe

How to rent a Luxury car in Europe

In a trip it is sometimes more convenient to use a rented car, so you may add to your travel experience and rent a luxury car.   Here are the five ways to save on renting a luxury car,  how to avoid getting caught on the bait of global car dealers and why small local car rentals are better than large corporations.

1. Determine the place

Rent a luxury car by booking it online or by contacting the rental dealership ahead of time. Early booking does not reflect too much on the price, but gives a greater choice of models.

In airports, car rental is more expensive. If the city is large and popular with tourists, look at the rental locations near the airport: ten minutes by shuttle or taxi, and you get a cheaper and faster premium car. Keep in mind that in many large cities there are often long queues to the rental shops. This is especially true for budget car dealers.

2. Select luxury rental company

Typing in the search engine “luxury car rental + city”, you can see a lot of suggestions. But basically it will be international companies that rent cars around the world. To reserve a car from them is not always profitable, local dealers offer lower prices.

In Europe, you can search the forums or ask at the counter at the hotel, whom they recommend (hotels are not interested in losing the loyalty of the guest). ”

RentLuxeCar company has been renting luxury cars for more than 4 years all over Europe. I very often travel for work, and I’m ready to recommend this company to everyone!

3. Understand the type of car

Before booking, you should pay attention to what cars are offered as rentals. Sometimes it is not a specific model, but a certain class.   However, classes do not describe either the type of engine, power nor the type of upholstery etc. Therefore, cars of one class can differ in power and noticeably differ in the comfort and prestige.  All this becomes known only when the car is received, so know what you are getting into beforehand.

4. Read the lease agreement

The lease contract is usually written in a foreign language, so it is better to clarify all the features of rent and return of the car in order to avoid sanctions and unexpected expenses. It should also be noted that in different countries there are conditions for renting.

The contract usually specifies the hour of return and the possibility of being late. If the return time is set strictly (for example, 10:00), then even if your late for 15 minutes, the rental company may add an additional rental day, as well as for insurance and options. Renters can easily forget to warn you in advance. Remember that it is usually necessary to return the car with a full tank of gasoline, even a small deviation of the gas meter can cost 60 euros.

5. Be careful on the road

Note the differences in the rules and signs of the road, it is quite easy to get a fine abroad. Do not ignore them: unpaid fines in the future can lead to denial of a visa.

In case of an accident: first the call to the distributor and only then call the police. Even if the incident falls under the euro protocol, you need to contact the rental company: it will save you time and some anxiety.