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See The World For Less, 10 Tips

There’s never been a better time to see the world,  and with these great tips, you’ll be able to ensure you get the most out of your limited funds.

It’s easier than ever before for people to see the world. The advent of cheap flights, coupled with the widespread use of English and burgeoning tourist industries across all continents, make it easy to wander. But despite the low costs of airlines, it can still be a serious burden on your wallet. We’ve got ten tips for you that help save those pennies and stay on the road longer.

1. Book ahead of time – while there are such things as last minute deals, you’d be best advised not to depend on them. Especially for long-haul flights, the price difference can be crippling. Try and plan ahead, and remember that many airlines have sales in January where they knock a large chunk off the price.

2. Eat like the locals – this may go without saying, but someone’s eating in all those Hard Rock Cafes around the world, and it isn’t the locals. In many parts of the world, street food, and particularly markets, offer stunning meals at incredibly low prices. This in itself is a great reason to travel.

3. Work out what you can do without at hotels – do you really need that air-conditioned room? Or is the weather cool enough to do without it? It can be tempting to try and cover all eventualities, but it also breaks the bank.

4. Consider working as you go – English teaching is a good option in many parts of the world. You can often negotiate occasional cash in hand deals or a more definite arrangement for a longer period.

5. Travel like the locals – cabs will be almost inevitably overpriced. This may not make a huge difference in actual cash terms, but by sharing communal transport, you are less likely to find yourself in difficult situations.

It’s Easy to Travel for Less

6. Consider alternate routes – buses are often a fraction of the cost of trains, and while they may lack the romance, they are often quicker. And you can often save on flights by comparing possible alternatives.

7. Keep track of your spending – it can be tempting when abroad, to pay no attention to your bank balance. This is made even easier when dealing with unfamiliar currency. But you can all too easily overspend very quickly.

8. Consider alternate accommodation – homestays are an affordable choice in many parts of the world. And for longer stays, you may be better off in a rented flat or house, rather than a hotel room.

9. Hitchhike – you might be surprised how far it can get you. In Europe particularly, but also Australia and North America, hitchhiking can lead to a world of amazing experiences.

10. Be prepared for deviations – you may have your heart set on a place or attraction, but if it can’t be done, there’s no sense in throwing money at it.

And there you are, our complete set of ways to see the world for even less. All together, they can make some real differences to your wallet. And even to your travelling experience.