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Spooky Halloween Travel Ideas

October 11, 2017

People take vacations for all kinds of occasions and spooky Halloween travel is no different.   Believe it or not, people travel hundreds of miles just to spook themselves.  If the homegrown variety of fright isn’t enough for you this Halloween, here are other  destinations you might want to enter at your own risk.

Transylvania, Romania


Transylvania Romania, the location of the famed Bran Castle, more commonly known as Dracula’s Castle. During the 14th century, the famed (and fanged) vampire king himself, Count Dracula called the castle home.

Savannah, Georgia


The southern town of Savannah, Georgia has been christened America’s Most Haunted City. And with good reason, too. Many ghosts of the Civil War are said to linger around the antebellum homes and buildings that populate the area. It’s also rumoured that the ghosts of pirates still haunt Georgia’s coastline, protecting their long hidden treasures.

New Orleans, Louisiana


New Orleans spooky history tells a sinister tale, one seeped in voodoo and black magic.  Marie Laveaux was a powerful and feared voodoo queen who lived, cursed and died in New Orleans. Today, you can visit her house, her shop and her tomb – all of which are said to have some kind of paranormal activities going on.

Bermuda Triangle


The Bermuda Triangle refers to an area of sea between Miami and Puerto Rico where mysterious and unexplained events have occurred over the years, including the disappearance of a whole fleet of US Navy Bombers in the 1940s. Fair warning, once you sail in you may never sail out.

Edinburgh, Scotland


The scariest part of this city isn’t what lies in the streets – but what lies beneath them. Miles and miles of tunnels reveal intricate cities, some up to seven stories high – where people lived, worked and died – completely underground, devoid of sunlight and interaction with those who lived above.

These subterranean cities are known as closes and are the root of some of the most horror-filled ghost stories of all time. In one particular close, known as Mary King’s Close, it’s said that in the mid 1500s, a terrible plague invaded the close and the majority of the underground residents were walled up and left to die as to not spread the disease.

Lizzie Borden B&B, Fall River, Massachusetts


In 1892, the Fall River community of Massachusetts was riveted by the gruesome ax murders of two of its residents, Abby and Andrew Borden. Mrs. Borden was whacked 18 times and her husband, 11 times. Their daughter Lizzie was charged with their murders, but was eventually acquitted of any wrong doing. You can visit the house, now a bed and breakfast, and see the actual rooms where the Bordens’ bodies were found.

Tower of London

Tower of London bridge


Is it any wonder that a 900 year old structure harbors mementos of all those that have passed through its walls? This tower was once the site of a prison and execution area where countless inhabitants met their demise. Some of the spirits are common folks while others are quite famous. The ghosts of Sir Walter Raleigh and a decapitated Ann Boleyn are just two of the famous specters to said to have appeared in the tower over the years.

The Dakota Building, NYC, NY


die, it seems like they really don’t want to let go. This seems to be especially true about performers, at least in one NYC building anyway. John Lennon and Boris Karloff are just two of the building’s famous former tenants that refuse to leave, even though both have been dead for decades. Their ghosts are among those said to haunt the halls of this historic downtown building.

Salem, Massachusetts


In this sleepy New England town, over the span of several months in 1692, more than twenty people were tried and found guilty of being ‘witches’ and having partaken in some form of witchcraft. Most of the outlandish claims levelled against them were never proven beyond the fear that was instilled in the city’s residents by the claims. The city put them all to death by hanging, some alone, others in groups. The tragedy of the senseless loss of potentially innocent lives and the mystery surrounding the Witch Trails of 1692 make Salem Massachusetts very popular with travellers.



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