Iconic Showboat: Sydney Showboats, Goldenrod Mississippi, Thekla

Three Iconic Floating Venues known as Showboats

Iconic Floating Showboat Venues

Floating venues have a charm and elegance that elevates mundane trips to an all-new level. This was first brought on the musical “Showboat” by combining a dinner cruise with comedy plays to serious dramas and bands. We look at the iconic floating venues around the world that are worth a mention because of their unique history!

Showboat dinner cruise sydney

Sydney Showboats, Sydney Harbour

Celebrating 30 Years of Spectacular Cruising, Sydney Showboats is a floating venue on Sydney Harbour. Celebrates the best of dining cruises with cabaret performances that form the main entertainment for the evening.

A vessel that exudes old-world charm with a retro-style construction and wrap-around verandas.  This Showboat mixes contemporary construction with modern luxuries to give its guests an exquisite time. The cabaret show is a visual treat and the main highlight of the Showboat.

The Sydney Showboats is a purpose-built vessel for hosting shows and awards functions, the amenities were designed in infancy. The glitz and glamour of the cabaret show and deluxe dining experience makes the Showboat a unique venue resulting in its continuing success.

The Thekla, Britain

Another iconic ship that is a famous floating venue is the Thekla. In existence for over 33 years, the venue has hosted a variety of events from operas to concerts. Known before as the Old Profanity Showboat, it was a happy hunting ground for numerous budding actors and comedians.

Starting life as a coastal trading vessel in 1958. She left abandoned for seven years, later brought back to life and converted to a showboat. Renamed as ‘Old Profanity Showboat’, she then moored in Bristol ever since.

Goldenrod, Mississippi

Goldenrod is the original iteration straight from the 19th century. In the waters of Mississippi from 1909, the Goldenrod continued service till 2001 after which it abandoned on the Missouri River at St. Charles where it still lies in a ruined stage.

In its glory days, the Goldenrod was the most well-appointed and elegant of all Showboats with rich interiors. Like the Showboats during this time period, the Goldenrod didn’t have the push of its own and uses the services of a tugboat to move from place to place.