Top 5 Commonly confused capital cities

Top 5 Commonly Confused Capital Cities

October 19, 2017

Top 5 commonly confused capital Cities

Every now and then, a tricky question comes your way, and lots of them are around capital cities of countries. We all know the Capital of France is Paris and the Capital of Russia is Moscow, but there are some countries which slip past us, and you realize, wait! I don’t know the capital to that country, or you thought you did. We’ll go through the Top 5 countries with commonly mistaken capital cities, what people usually associate with each and what their capitals actually are.

Canada, Ottawa

When people think of the capital city for Canada, they often think of Quebec City as it was previously the capital in the 17th Century for a short period of time. The actual capital of Canada is in fact Ottawa, which is Canada’s second largest city. People also tend to associate Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver as the capital of Canada. 

Australia, Canberra

Australia may be one of the largest countries in the world, but it has a relatively small population, with people gathering in a few main cities. Most people will know that the capital is not Sydney, because this is such a classic example of misconception. From here however, people sometimes have a toss-up between Melbourne and Perth. The actual capital is Canberra, so now you know!

Morocco,  Rabat

Morocco is situated in northern Africa and has a diverse mix of inhabitants including a large French & Arabic population. Marrakech is known to be a popular tourist destination as its famous for its markets and lifestyles, as a result, it is usually mistaken as the capital city. But in fact, the actual capital is Rabat


Switzerland, Bern

Switzerland is another country with a little known capital city. Situated next to the French Alps, the country has a popular connection point for keen adventure holiday enthusiasts. The country is known for their precision and long tradition surrounding horology, the practice of crafting fine timepieces and watches. The capital of Switzerland is often thought to be Geneva as that is where the main airport is and where lots of tourists like to visit. However, the capital of Switzerland is in fact Bern.

Brazil, Brasilia

Brazil is the final country we will visit on this list, it is home to a huge population and is the biggest country in South America. A fair number of tourists visit Brazil and there is a significant amount of press surrounding the country, but yet the capital city is still always mistaken. The vast majority of people are adamant that it is Rio de Janeiro but it is actually Brasilia. Did you know that?

I hope you may have discovered something new from this list and you are not full to the brim of geographical pub quiz ammunition for when a question like this comes up.

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