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Top hiking spots in Asia

Hiking is probably the best way to stay fit and travel as well. They not only provide a great workout, but take you to new destinations too. Asia is a paradise for hikers, with some wonderful trails,passing through rare gems of nature. Habitats here provide shelter to some of the most exotic flora and fauna, one can ever come across. So get set to hit some of these amazing hiking hot spots on your next trip to Asia.

1) Tiger’s Nest Monastery trail, Bhutan

tigers nest

Believed to be the birthplace of Lord Buddha by the people of Bhutan, this stunning monastery is situated at a precarious height of 3048 m. Hiking all the way up to this cultural icon, takes around two hours from the starting base of 2100 m. The hike is not very demanding, but passes through scenic beauty and offers a sense of immense holiness and peace, for those fulfilling it.

2) Yeak Laom Volcanic lake trail, Cambodia

This remote and densely forested area of North Cambodia leads to the lovely Yeak Loam Lake. This isolated piece of sky blue water, nestled among lush green surroundings amid a volcanic crater, has walking trails on the periphery for hikers to explore the large bamboo forests from. The Tampuan villages around the lake are a haven for learning of the local culture. Hiring a guide is strongly recommended as the topography of the place is tricky, and one can easily get lost.

3) Mount Batur summit trail, Indonesia

mount batur

Though just 1717 m in elevation, this is not by any means a demanding hike to do. Having said that, Mount Batur is a volcano, and quite an active one at that,which makes this two hour climb an engrossing one. The views of Lake Batur, which lies at the foot of the volcano are worth the effort. The hot springs in the area are another attraction, which will make you forget your tiredness and worries in no time.

4)  Hkakabo Razi National Park, Myanmar

Get hold of a good guide and set out for this 300 mile of pristine wilderness to have an adventure, you have more than bargained for. Post monsoon time is the best season to start your trip from the town of Putao in Myanmar. You need to be fully equipped for this almost three week trip, passing through scores of villages and as many fellow trekkers. Home to the largest piece of still intact forest in Southeast Asia, this is one hike which you will cherish all your life, plus you can do it on a budget too.

5) Penang National Park, Malaysia

One of the smallest park and a new addition to the country’s conservation program, the park is situated on the north west part of Penang island. The three steep trails and a canopy walkway linking them, make for vantage points to witness the nesting sea turtles and the beautiful greenery of the park. The park has isolated lakes and is also home to the second oldest lighthouse of Malaysia, situated at Money beach.

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