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Underwater Adventures to Explore In Grand Cayman

Grand Caymans is made of the Cayman Islands, and George Town is its capital. There is a huge variety of native plants and animals here. There are nonstop flights here from different destinations of the world, and all the leading cruise lines make a stop here at Grand Cayman. Needless to say, it is an important place for the tourists and travelers out there. Browse Grand Cayman Resorts.com to get information on the leading resorts and hotels to stay while in Grand Cayman. This is your ticket to paradise, especially for those looking for an escape into the greenery of islands or go underwater to discover the best of the best marine activities.

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Take the Night Dive
Prepare yourself for a unique dive into the nighttime waters to have a look at the creatures and colors of the marine life at night. Explore the underwater world of fish and corals on a submarine cruise and get aware of a kaleidoscope of life you simply miss out on the day. For a couple of minutes, you see nothing but empty water as the submarine begins its descent. However, as you near the sea floor, the marine life suddenly becomes alive and unveil as a full spectrum of colors through the depths.

The beauty of the Caribbean waters
Get introduced to the serene beauty of the Caribbean waters as you take a glass-bottomed vessel tour around the Islands. Check out the striking formations of volcanic limestone also known as “Hell.”  Enjoy the whole view from an air conditioning space and get info from the experienced and friendly guide. Spot colorful coral reef as you gaze deep into the islands’ famous waters. Snap photos and create memories of a lifetime.

Swim with the dolphins
Dolphins are the most intelligent and loving marine mammals that you would love to have a swim within the waters near the shores of Grand Cayman. Get ready for one of the most dynamic swim ever as well as get a special education about dolphin ecology. Enjoy your dolphin encounter in a safe and shallow and protected lagoon, and right in the middle of dolphin’s natural habitat. Get a brief on the biology and life cycle of the dolphins before you meet those clever sea mammals. You will simply love being with those gentle and loving creatures who swim, jump, and come up for a hug and a kiss.

Cayman Island’s Turtle Farm

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Another of the many wondrous sights to see at Grand Cayman is the Turtle Farm where you will come across newborn hatchlings of sea turtles.  The bigger Turtles can weigh as much as 600 pounds. You can touch and hold those small turtles. Ask the knowledgeable guide to explain about the conservation efforts made and capture those moments in your camera to send postcards back home.

Grand Cayman’s most famous shipwreck
The USS Kittiwake lies off the Seven Mile Beach, and you can see it from the surface as the waters are so clear. The sunken ship has become an artificial reef today among the seas teeming with marine life and is a popular attraction for divers.It was home to many US Navy soldiers and was sunk in 2011 to function as a protected artificial reef. Sail out to explore this amazing wonder and get your snorkel equipment set up and all ready to dive down into the waters amongst the tropical fish and coral.

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