Unusually Fun Getaway ideas

Unusually Fun Getaways

October 5, 2017

Fun Getaways you Never Thought About

It’s easy to get into a vacation rut.  Every year you head to the same city or resort or maybe you try to change things but end up doing the same activities. If you’re up for it, here are some amazing and unusually fun getaways that you’ve probably never even thought of.  These wonderful places do most of the planning for you and half of the fun will be where you stay.

African Safari


The great thing about an African safari is that you can plan one according to your budget and level of adventure.  You can chose to stay in tents along the way or motels. Either way you will be up close and personal with the wildlife in Africa while also emerging yourself in the culture.

Castle tour of Ireland


There’s nothing like taking a step back in time and really enjoying the history of a country when traveling, what better way to do that then to actually stay amidst the history? There are numerous castles in Ireland that have been restored and turned into hotels. Can you imagine anything more decedent that touring Ireland and staying in a castle at each stop?

Canada Train vacation


Are you tired of driving to your destination Or being cramped in an air plane? With a Canada train vacation, the travel part is actually a fun part of the whole experience. You get to see the startling Canadian wilderness in all its glory as you travel the Rocky Mountains. You can have a completely relaxing vacation on the train or incorporated it into a larger vacation. Either way there’s nothing like a Canadian train ride to kick start some fun.

Battleship New Jersey



Have you always wondered what it’s like to stay on an actual battleship? Well, you can! This decommissioned battleship does double duty now as a museum and a very unique hotel of sorts. You can stay overnight and get a real feel for how sailors live. Located near the Camden Waterfront, visiting Battleship New Jersey is the perfect way to learn a bit about American history while having a really cool time.

Treehouse vacation


There are several resorts around the world where you stay in luxurious treehouses that are fully loaded! Two of the better known treehouse resorts are the Hana Lani Treehouse in Maui and Out’n’About Treehouse resort in Cave Junction, Oregon.  These are not the treehouses from your childhood memories, although you will relive that excitement.  These are complete and luxurious accommodation that just happen to have been built in trees.


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