Where to snorkel in Kauai

Where To Snorkel In Kauai

Snorkeling in Kauai is excitement personified. No matter where you go, there is abundant access to a prime snorkeling spot. Add to it an opportunity to swim with the big Green Sea Turtles and other varieties of fish and your snorkeling holiday is complete. Beware, however, of the safety instructions inĀ  place for divers, as snorkeling here can at timesĀ  become more insecure than the neighboring islands of Hawaii. This is primarily because Kauai has more rain than other places, and the best snorkeling spots are exposed to trade winds which can easily disrupt your vacation.

The vast majority of prime snorkeling spots in Kauai are easily accessible by shore. During the summer season, the tours by boat along the famous Nai Pali coast are worth taking. Some superb locations for snorkeling are given here

Lawai beach

This is one of the most popular snorkeling and easy spot to access in Kauai, Hawaii. The reef which protects this beach makes it an ideal place for first timers to hone their skills so long as the waves are not very high. This place is also called the Beach house beach, named after the popular restaurant situated near the edge of the water. A great place to hang out during high tide, when the beach is submerged in water.

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Koloa Landing

Snorkeling in Koloa landing is mainly done from boat and not from the beach. If you want to see coral heads in good health, then this is the best place to snorkel. Situated on the southern part, this place is best visited in winter, as the swell otherwise can create difficulties in snorkeling.

Poipu beach park

Another popular place to snorkel if you can stand the large crowds. Poipu beach, because of its typical topography, has a small island connected to the mainland by a sand spit, commonly referred to as a tombolo. This is one of the few spots on the world where this naturally occurs. This sandy area acts as a protective barrier from the trade winds. Poipu beach is also home to the Hawaiian Monk seals that can be found sunning on the beach.


If you are a good swimmer, then Tunnels, also known as Makua beach, is a huge snorkeling destination. The horseshoe shaped reef here, acts like a barrier and a bay to the surroundings. Snorkeling here, can expose the avid swimmer to big rock formations of coral, ideal only for strong swimmers, because of the strong currents prevailing at most times. Snorkeling here is ,though, seasonal and restricted to the winter months.

Hideaways beach

This beach located in Princeville, is a beautiful secluded place. Also called Pali ke kua beach, the turquoise waters here open up to interesting reef formations, which are visible during the summer months. Access to Hideaways is a bit challenging because of the steep trail to reach the beach. There are plenty of grooves in front of the beach where you can snorkel with sea cucumbers and turtles.

For a complete map of snorkeling spots, check out Makana Charters.

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