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Wildest Tourist Spots on the Planet

October 17, 2017

If wild adventures are what you seek, the world has plenty out there waiting for you. From expensive and posh to youthful and fun, here you’ll find some of the wildest tourist spots on the planet.

Miami, Florida


There’s simply no place like it, Miami is a rich mixture of color, spicy Latin culture, South Beach and wild nightlife. Glamorous and sophisticated, South Beach and the wild parties in the city attract a large crowd from the world over. Party all night and relax all day surrounded by beautiful people, an easy-going culture and an excellent mix of decadent club life and beach-side bars. Impressive people, beautiful scenery and some wild parties make this an excellent tourist destination.

Koh Phangan, Thailand



Balmy and tropical, the island of Koh Samui is a popular vacation spot for party-goers. Hedonism is in full swing on the island where the monthly Full Moon Party brings out the wild, free-spirited tourists wearing little by body paint and a sense of adventure. This outdoor festival lasts all night long and offers a wide variety of music, dance clubs, bars and sandy places to lounge and relax with friends or with someone special. This is perhaps the world’s most amazing beach party – and it happens twelve times per year!

Athens, Greece

Athens, Greece

Athens, Greece johnkarakatsanis


The ancient Greeks knew how to party and the younger generation are enjoying themselves in much the same manner. Currently, Athens is one of the most visited capital cities in the world and for good reason! This is a hedonistic paradise with plenty of four and five-star rated hotels to enjoy along with the large mix of night clubs both inside and out in the fresh air. The heady breeze off the Mediterranean will cool you off after a wild night of partying and clubs – that’s if you ever decide to call it a night, of course.

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary animanima


While not one that pops to mind, the capital city of Hungary is quickly becoming a top party city thanks to the casinos and luxury hotels along the Danube River. Every month it seems, new clubs are popping up in the main city and DJ’s and other musicians are making Budapest a destination for fun – spinning all night and well into the morning to keep all of the beautiful people of Eastern Europe.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain mattcornish


From the famous architecture to the lovely scenery, Barcelona is a joy to visit during the day, but when the sun goes down the fun-loving people come out to play. Barcelona night clubs are just as varied as the individuals that live here and in each neighborhood you’ll find a different style of music and a different type of club – all of them are fabulous, of course, and just what the young party-goers are looking for.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Germany  – lottevanboxem


The birthplace of the true techno music, Berlin is the home to hundreds of techno clubs and parties. The giant Berlin Love Parade draws millions from all over the globe ready to dance, twist and party like never before. Even without the Parade, Berlin is one of the most impressive cities for music and nightlife.


Las Vegas, Nevada


When a major city is nicknamed Sin City, you know it’s going to be good. The entire town seems to be designed as a major theme park and there are so many casinos, shows and of course clubs, you’ll find yourself partied out long before you’re ready to leave. Most importantly, remember – what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.


Amsterdam, Holland

Amsterdam, Holland

Amsterdam, Holland weesen


Amsterdam is famous for many things, but chief among them is the casual attitude the city has toward marijuana and the Red Light district. For those seeking hedonistic pleasures, Amsterdam is certainly the place to play. There are more than 100 festivals in the city every year and even without a festival to help you celebrate, you’ll find plenty to enjoy every single night of the week.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


A city of wild passions, Rio de Janeiro is the home of the famous Carnival. When a city is known for enjoying a parade for “flesh”, how can it not have wild parties? Street parties and parades take up the streets throughout February and March as part of the Carnival season, but all seasons of the year are still wild in this tropical city thanks to world famous clubs and outstanding nightlife as well.

Goa, India

Goa, India

Goa, India  harrygatty


In one of the most developed states in India, Goa is the home of its own wild parties and festivals. The winter in Goa contains amazing festivities including a huge Christmas and New Year’s Eve city-wide party. The beach-front city is known to host secret parties as well so fun and good times can pop up virtually anywhere in the area.

Ibiza, Spain


For more than thirty years, Ibiza has been the center of all hedonism with wild partiers coming to the city in droves all year round. This small island rocks with music and fun starting about 11 o’clock every night and the fun usually lasts well into the next morning leaving little time for sleep, but plenty of time for making outstanding memories and having some truly wild adventures.

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