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Wildlife In India with Pugdundee Safaris

The experience of being out in the wild simply cannot be explained.  It offers you thrills and adventure that no roller coaster can. I have always been passionate about wildlife in India and abroad and have a fair bit of experience of what makes these tours successful.

butterfly satpura

When we speak of India, we usually bring up concepts of diversity, culture, tradition, but rarely wildlife.  Although, there is no dearth of wildlife and national parks in the country.

I decided to hire safari tour operators for wildlife in India that can help me plan things the way I want it to be. Pugdundee Safaris is run by a group of passionate wildlife enthusiasts, environmentalists and hospitality professionals that have come a long way from a humble beginning.

They work with local people empowering them to improve their standards of living and work positively towards conservation of the forests. With the kind of experience and expertise they have, it has certainly impacted my wildlife experience positively.  Their two camps are – Denwa Backwater Escape in Satpura national park and Earth Lodge in Kanha

Lovely rooms at Denwa

Lovely rooms at Denwa

One of the most common complaints that I have heard from tourists about their wildlife experiences is that they had never seen a tiger in the wild. While this might be true, it is important to understand that the dense jungles of India are unlike the Savannah of Africa where game spotting is a breeze. This is exactly why you must have an expert by your side. With the help of professionals, you can be at the right place and time to capture those fleeting moments (on camera and off it).

Pugdundee Safaris

Got lucky with this big cat, thanks to Pugdundee Safaris

After all, seeing this majestic cat in the wild can be a life changing moment.

My experience with Pugdundee Safari greatly enhanced my wildlife experiences mostly because of their expert naturalists. Of course the lodges itself were eco-friendly and luxurious at the same time.

Their team is highly knowledgeable in tracking wildlife as well as educating visitors about the various flora , fauna and conservation efforts in the forests. This allows you to get value for your money and a memorable trip.

Wildlife experiences and adventures are not just about the exclusive photographs and thrilling moments when you spot a tiger, but about learning how nature works.

While you are taking the trip you also get to learn many small things that you might not learn otherwise. Your safari naturalists will also brief you about the possible dangers and safety measures and various ground rules. You can hear some unique stories and trivia about birds, butterflies and other small animals in the jungle that can take you by surprise. Jungles always have so much to offer. 

Kanha Earth Lodge

Wonderful staff at Kanha Earth Lodge

Our itinerary for a week in the jungle with Pugdundee was simply amazing with walking safaris, cycle tours, canoe rides in the jungle and the usual epic jeep rides. 

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