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4 Best Beach Party Destinations in the World

November 21, 2015
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Want to go wild and exotic on your first anniversary,  a perfect romantic date or just looking for a warm friendly exquisite sea side adventure ? For an outlandish place and a rave junction – this beautiful world has options to cater to everyone’s desires. Needless to say, there is some charisma in the salt water, soft sand and aroma of air over the sea that cast such a mystic spell on any person psychologically and physically that it allures people all over the world to look for the perfect beach destination.

So, if you are planning a sea side rendezvous, choose any of the below 4 Best Beach Party Destinations in the World for a rocking experience:

  1. Ibiza, Spain-Whether you plan for a moonlight romance or a daytime wild celebration, Ibiza’s crystal clear sea water , sandy white beaches, wild cliffs around and loud music  played throughout the day and night makes it one of the most popular beach resort for rave lovers. With a coastline spread over 100 miles and 50 exotic beaches to  choose from and plenty of bars, clubs and restaurants to hang around, this place  is a hot spot for hide away club lovers.
  2. White Beach in Boracay, Philippines- The most scenic and photogenic beach in the world,  White Beach’s heavenly beauty is breathtaking and will provide party lovers an unforgettable experience. Hold your notorious party or a New Year/ Christmas bash with fireworks, fire dances, thumping music, live DJs, huge bar counters and enthralling dance floors. This island paradise will undeniably give a classy and lounge like experience to party lovers all over the world.
  3. Palolem Beach in Goa, India-Slowly gaining popularity in the world as a “Silent Noise Party place” Palolem Beach in North Goa offers visitors a place to dance to their favorite tunes on their headphones. A unique concept of a silent rave party, they are now being held more frequently with bonfires lit from 10 pm at night till 4.00 am and mostly loved by party-goers and teenagers.
  4. Kuta Beach in Bali, Indonesia- Known for its golden white sand, this place invites thousands of party lovers each year. Numerous bars, pubs, flowing drinks, nonstop entertainment by some of international music brands, sexy dances, beautiful crowd and fashion shows spice up the scene at sea side whole night converting into a rowdy place for party mongers.


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